Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miss Piggy

This is the post I tried making when I found out Josh's uncle had taken his life.

I was reading BFF's blog and realized, I too, have long forgotten about my blog. I have been so busy with school. We are having finals this week and I think my teachers want me to jump of the "back porch." As you can tell I haven't, but I have been tempted.

Now, on to Miss Piggy. Our niece celebrated her 2nd birthday last weekend. Tiffany suggested we make her birthday cake as a way to cut cost!! I thought it was a splendid idea. I was not to confident with my cake baking abilities as I have only been to 3 cake classes. I wouldn't categorize myself as an expert or a "natural." So, I decided we must have a practice run.. only 20 bucks at the grocery store to make a PRACTICE cake that only I devoured like the fat kid I am.

So, anyway, I get over to Ben and Tiffs around 8 on Friday night to make the real cake. I immediately get started. Things are going great. We have made the cakes, let them cool, leveled and stacked them, AND iced them. We accomplished all that in 2 hours. I am thinking I am the Sorry I had to throw that in there!! After all this is when I think things started to go down hill. Somehow or another, it was 4:30 AM when we finished that stupid cake. I was delerious. Miss Piggy didn't get any real legs b/c her ears and sides took forever, literally. Anyway, so here is my creation. I must say, it's a pretty good-looking cake for a first time pig cake maker.

Also, make note. I am now obsessed with donkeys. I heard one a few weeks ago and I love it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hinds Community College

I am probably one of the coolest college kids I know! I am at school at this very moment, waiting to speak with a counselor about my final semester here at the good ole Hiney Ho. Who could possibly be as cool as me.. using the school computer while you wait? I don't think anyone. So nothing really exciting has happened with us lately. We did receive an offer on our house in Texas and are hoping it goes through soon. We countered, but we haven't heard back.. so keep your fingers crossed. I will die if it sells. I will cry for days. It's such a cute house and I love love love it. We are going to stay this weekend at our house and visit our friends and get my cat. Yes, I am terrible mother who left her cat in Texas. She's doing fine though. We thought she found a new home. We went to Vegas for a week and came back and she was nowhere to be found... she showed up 2 days later with a collar on. Josh convinced me she had a home.. so we left her there. I cried pretty much the whole drive back to MS. Anyway, so our neighbors keep us updated on the house and they told us.. the cat is still there. She sits on the patio furniture waiting on us to come back I guess. How horrible am I?? So, if she is around when we go this weekend, looks like I am bringing back Mammacita!! I am excited about bringing her back, but she will have to live with my parents, b/c she can't live with the Windhams. She would be eaten alive within minutes. So... we leave tonight.. I will have pics when I return. There is no internet at our house in Texas.. not even cable. How will we entertain ourselves??? oh dear.. I guess we are in for a long weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Broken Glass...

So, I try to do my daily good deed of the day at least once a week...I never make one a day..that's neither here nor there..
So today, I am in chem lab and this guy I am an "aquantaince" of breaks a test tube on the counter. Let me preface this story by saying, he is a really nice guy, but not the "coolest" of the college kids. We are in chem and chem lab together.. so he saw me in the library one day, sat down at the table and started chit chatting away. He told me he has OCD and has to make noises and count things..he has trouble with school work, yada yada yada. So, back to lab today... he breaks the test tube and I am sure he is embarassed. Me, being the ever so kind person I am, didn't make fun of him, which I am sure you all thought I did... NO, i head on over to help him clean up. I begin gathering up the pieces and trying to sweep them into a pile. Instead of saying thanks, he walks off. WALKS OFF. What the eff? I try to help you b/c I feel sorry for you b/c you said you had OCD and you have a hard time concentrating, etc. etc. and then you leave me to clean up your mess. Yeah, I don't think so buddy. So, then the teachers walks over and thinks I have broken the test tube and she proceeds to tell me it's ok and people break them all the time. Of course, my partners are laughing hysterically b/c I tried to be nice and homeboy leaves me to tend to his mess. In true Haley fashion, when I finished sweeping the pieces into the dustpan, I brought them over to him and told him I finished cleaning up his mess and put the dustpan in his face. I'm over being nice..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome Home Polar Bear

Hello Polar Bear!

So the Windhams got a new dog "to keep the varmants away." I admit he is a sweet, sweet dog. He was almost dead when someone brought him to Tom and Glo's vet. They nursed him back to health, neutered him and now he has a home right here! T-cat named him Polar Bear because he is obviously white like a polar bear! Josh and I dog sat last night while Tom and Glo went to eat. So far, so good for the dog. He didn't destroy anything. He did chew up part of Glo's coaster and some papers while she was asleep.

And he's out!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

We carved pumpkins tonight with the Windham family. It was fun. Tom and Hubs pretty much just went after their pumpkins with knives. Ben and I meticulously made sure we had gotten all of the goo out of the pumpkin and then carved them ever so gently.. Riley enjoyed painting all over her miniature pumpkin. Tiff and Glo did not take part in degutting the pumpkins or making their own. Tiff had to supervise Riley and Glo took pics.

Getting the garbage out

Ready to begin!

My fabulous punkin!

Us with our punkins!

Someone just died in the bar. Seriously

The girls!!
So, Raj was in town for 15 days and we got to hang out. Good times were had...until they made fun of my shoes. Go ahead, take the poll. Answer incorrectly and you may want to watch your back. Anyway, we had a good time... for old folks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

For your viewing pleasure.

This video is for your viewing pleasure.. Meet Chris Tony.. Watch Chris eat the pasta from the reception...He ate every bite this way... and this was not a joke..

This video was shot right before he attempted to make out with the bartender thinking this would sway her to give her number to him. This tactic did not work, so he thought if he tried to slow dance with her behind the bar, she would then want to go home with him. Since none of these tactics worked, he stood behind her and licked her ear..... Needless to say, she was tempted by the ear licking, but opted to clean up the bar area and head to the house... probably as fast as possible..

It's not FAIR!!!

Josh and I went to the fair Friday night... I ate a free biscute with some Blackburn syrup that was devine! I didn't eat anything else. Can you believe it? I am ashamed of myself. Josh paid a dollar to see the 100 lb rat. It's actually a nutria or whatever.. I would not pay another dollar to see it so I made him take a pic of it! We went to the beer tent and hung out with some top notch skankbags. We ran into some dbags and rode the big slide for 10 bucks. All in all, the fair wasn't nearly as cool as it was years ago.

Us at the fair!

Dirty Rat

Spelling Bee Winner!!

I have no words.

Rajjing it out with Eraj!

Eraj is in town and we got to hang out! Oh my, you don't know how exciting it is to know she is only a few miles away!!!!!! I am so glad she's here and can't wait til our girls night on Saturday! Too bad we only took a few pics and they aren't the best of Raj.

Raj getting her "hur did" by KT!

Kmills and me just hanging around the salon!


So, my niece got a new ride and I got to sport her around in it!! She was seriously pumped about it! I was pretty much out of breath after riding her around the block. Good lord, I think I need to get into shape if I ever plan on having kids.

He came to the wedding with a beer...

So, we went to the Pouncey/Chappel wedding this weekend in Natchez. It ws fabulous... not fabuless... My heavens.. they must have spent a ton on their wedding. Everything was phenomenal!! The food, cake, the open bar all night long, and the candy bar! I ate so many M and M's my stomach hurt and the sweet and sour-y things were delish!! There was this guy who came to the wedding with a beer... in his hand.. not hiding it in his pants pocket. It was open and he was drinking it during the wedding. CLASSY!!! Here are some pics of a fun night!!

Cute couple!


Bridge and Groom!!

Chris after consuming too much alcohol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finding Pics Makes me Happy!

KT got hitched and is no longer KT.. she's KTR!


You pretty much can't stop us now.. we are back and in full effect.. with a little drama to dabble in here and there...mostly Claire though.

Ranting and Raving

Josh and I at the USM game!!
Go Eagles!!

Seriously, whose idea was it to force someone to take all these unnecessary classes to clean teeth? I want to talk to that person STAT. I don't need to know about the osteoclast cells that are breaking down the bones in my body as I type or the steaming I must do to break through the keratin in the endospore stain that prevents it from absorbing the malachite green stain. I promise, I won't touch malachite green, carbolfuschin or vegetative cells again. I swear to it.
I'm done. Thanks for allowing me to vent.
On another note, Josh and I are headed to Natchez this weekend for the Pouncey/Chappell wedding, which should pretty much guarantee us a good time. I won't be thinking about HCC Rankin either. We are gonna miss the BIG USM game this year... Sad... but Josh shall support them in Memphis and I must go to Homecoming or Amber will jump off the top of the stadium to her death.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Up All Night..

Does anyone remember that saying off of USA network, besides me? I was up all night last night studying for my micro test this morning. I didn't go to bed. I tell you what, being 25 and staying up all night is just not the same as being 19 and staying up all night. I was so worn out today I could hardly see straight, literally. I made a B on the test, which is OK. I was hoping for an A, but what can I say. With Micro, I will take what I can get.. I hate that class.
I am off again, to finish Chem homework and start studying for A and P. I am a nerd.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Consuming Cakes..

These are the cakes I have consumed over the past 2 weeks. Thanks to Dreamcakes, I canNOT fit into my pants.. This is no joke. I am not being sarcastic. This is fo real.

Jake's Cake

Britney's Cake
John's Cake
Glo's Cake
Acey's Cake
And, one more cake, which my mother made and I devoured TODAY. Get it big girl!!

Viva Las Vegas

So we went to Vegas back in August and I am just now getting pics posted.. with school, moving, dogs dying, etc.. I have been a little busy. Anyway, I must say, there are a ton of freaks in Vegas. You know me, I couldn't resist but to take their pics... ENJOY!

This man boxed to the band playing.. his manager is the homeless man beside him!!

Best Mullet EVER!

This lady seriously had tats everywhere...

This guy had his shirt off and hanging from his pants..he looked like Danny Bonaduce

Meet Mr. and Mrs. We don't know how they got into their pants.

Mohammed Ali.. don't forget his homeless manager.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It hits you when you hit the double digits...

BEING FAT BLOWS. Not saying I'm fat, but I have fo sho found about 20 extra pounds that someone lost. I am not too pleased with this discovery. I guess I will have to do something about this... let this post be a reminder....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

All Dogs Go to Heaven Part 2

Today, my in laws dog passed away... BJ... sweet sweet BJ. One of the best dogs I have ever known. I think he and Sassy are together playing right now... chewing on a bone!!! Miss them...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All Dogs Go to Heaven

My parent's dog sassy died's been a sad sad day for us. I sure am gonna miss that girl. She was so happy and always wanted to jump all over you and lick you to death... Sweet Sassy Girl.....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spritzers on Midnight

Jenni and I at Edohana for couples night!
Leann, Lisa and me at our surprise going away party!

Oh how I miss my FABULOUS loves in Texas. What can I say? I seriously had the best neighbors anyone could ask for (even J and A, who lived 2 blocks down!!) I am in a sad mood today and really missing my friends.... just wishing we could all hang out....... Leann, have a spritzer for me.....

Friday, August 29, 2008


I know I have been horrible about keeping my 2 readers up to date, but I cannot even tell you how busy I have been. Josh was offered a job in Philadelphia, MS in July. We debated, debated and debated some more and we finally decided to move back to our home state. It's been so crazy since we made the decision. We picked a really bad time to move. We made the decision in late July and put in our two weeks notice. The day after our notices were final, we went on vacation to Vegas for a week. We came back on Saturday, I drove to Mississippi on Sunday and started school on Monday. CRAZY! I started school. One degree just wasn't enough.. I want to torture myself some more.  I started at the Rankin Hiney Ho to finish my prereqs for dental hygiene. I will hopefully get into UMC in the summer of 09 to start!!! I am really excited. 

Anyway, Josh and I are living with his parents until our house sells. You can check it out at  It is so cute... so if you know anyone in Royse City, Texas... send them to our house and tell them to buy it. 

Anyway, so I have been pretty busy with school.... Josh has started his new job. He really likes it. So far so good... so.. that's about it for now. I promise, I will try to do better and keep you updated. I PROMISE

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cakes, Cupcakes and Icing

It's been so long since I have blessed you all with my high level writing skills. I have been unbelievably busy with my cake decorating class. I haven't officially mastered my cake decorating skills just yet, but believe me, I am working on it. I have mastered the art of icing consistency. I have whipped up so many cups of icing, like 15 to be exact. I think I bought Kroger out of powdered sugar and crisco. I had no idea icing could be so unruly. It made a mess of my kitchen. It was like a snow day in there...

After successfully making enough icing to fill my bathrub, I iced my cake. Then, I took it to class and we decorated it with a rainbow and clouds. I wrote Happy Birthday on it and an age (which I won't reveal) for my dear friend and co-worker Colleen and then we helped her celebrate in style.

For this week, it's cupcakes with clowns on them! How fun! I can't wait. Maye one day, I will seriously post pictures. Until then people, just use the imagination!! (*update: I finally put the pics up.)

Monday, July 7, 2008

MONDAYS just plain SUCK

Too much work, too little time and not enough laughter. I just wanna whine. I have a headache and think my head may explode right off my neck. I'm hot and have to pee.

Good thing The Bachelorette comes on tonight.. otherwise who knows what would happen. We (Kati, Karen and myself) have decided if Deanna picks Jesse we are gonna cry and call in to work tomorrow so we can be forlorn all day.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heads up to the ER, I am probably coming sooner rather than later

So far this week, I have run into the couch and scraped my hand enough to bleed. Jenni says it's because I accidentally stole a plant waterer thingy from Wal-Mart. I didn't mean to take it. It was hiding in the top portion of my buggy covered by my overly large purse and lunch bag(I didn't want my lunch to go bad sitting in the HOT car)

Now, I have gained so much weight, my wedding rings are tight on my fingers. When I try to take them off, they cut my finger, so that's a plus. I am really excited about the weight and the cut fingers.

I also rammed my finger into the car this morning and thought I broke it. I almost started to cry, but I really didn't have time for all that... so I sucked it up and got over it. It still hurts though.

Then, I tripped the other day and stubbed my toe while at work. It's a common occurrence to hear me say, "I can't walk." It's also a true statement I have decided.

Last but not least, my toe is healing from where I dropped this toilet paper holder on it. I did cry about this. It was bleeding all over the place. I seriously thought I cut my tendon. I still have a scab on it. Neosporin is coming in handy.

So, in about 7 days, I have managed to almost kill myself several times. Who knows what the rest of the week brings... but I say "BRING IT."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Totally Giving a Plug to DK and Beauty Cents

My we go back so far it's ridiculos friend Deenie, DeenieK or Katie as most of us remember her has become a fabulous freelance write. I must say, I check out her writings daily. All of em.... in any fashion I can receive them; magazine, Daily Cents, blog, etc. I love her and her writings. They are so fun to read and so full of the info I so desperately need.

She writes for about Beauty. Katie, the master of beauty if I must say so myself, writes about all the things we women need to know about our skin and bodies. You name it, she writes about it. From sunscreen to bras, she makes you wanna run out and try whatever she is talking about in that days article. I am not kidding. She may have cost me a hundred bucks. I go into Ulta and relish in all the beauty products I now know about due to DK. I love it. I love going and just hanging around the store like a thief. I read the labels and check out all the available colors. It's ridiculous. Sometimes I leave empty handed, which I know the cashier chicks probably think I stole stuff b/c I had been in there so long and left without spending a dime.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little shoutout to the Deenster and let all of my 2 friends who check out my blog to be able to take advantage of all the great knowledge she shares with us after her in-depth research.

Get to checking out the site..(go the right hand side of my blog and click her link, DK the beauty blogger)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The taste of fine wine

I am no wine conoisseur or even close to it. Josh on the other hand has me beat by a mile. He can tell you all you need to know about wine...legs, taste, swirling, smelling, etc. Well, to get onto my point...we have a bakers rack that has a wine rack on the bottom. It's an acquired piece of furniture that Josh brought to our marriage from his apartment. So far, it has treated us well.

For the last or shall I say almost 2 years we have been married, I don't think we have ever put a bottle of wine on the thing. So, I made the executive decision to start a wine collection. Sometimes when I go to the grocery store and I feel like perusing through the aisles I may grab a bottle, never two. We have now accumulated a total of 4 bottles. This is record breaking, otherwise I would not be blogging about this huge accomplishment.

I pick bottles on color, label and shape never year, name or price.

Even though our wine rack is filling slowly, I still prefer Riunite if you must know the truth. It is a lovely red wine that I like extremely cold.Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to drink red wine cold. However, it is approximately $8.49 at the local Phillips gas station in Royse City for a huge bottle. What a steal? It has an awesome screw cap. No need to bring your handy bottle opener. A strong pair of hands will do the trick. There is even a nice spew noise when you open the bottle.

Things don't get any better than a nice glass of cold red screw cap Riunite wine and my newfound love for the need to complete my wine rack task.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shakra, Namaste, blah, blah....

Ok, so I started taking Yoga. Not just any yoga, but the kind of yoga where you sit in a room that is 98.6 degrees with 60% humidity. You sweat like you can't even imagine. I am talking, sweat running off of my legs, arms, face. I bend over and it literally drops to the floor. That is hardcore sweating my friend.

Anyway, so they talk this crazy nonsense about your root shakra and namaste and dabandeste.. and some other lingo I know nothing about and prefer to keep it that way. I just enjoy the fact that I am stretching my body and it feels absolutely incredible. It's like you just get 1 1/2 hours to yourself... no music, no talking, no nothing... just you and your body and your sweat running like a faucet.

So, after yoga, I HAD to go to the grocery store. I am talking absolutely not a drop of food at our house. As much as I didn't want to go b/c my shirt was soaking wet, black eye make up was running down my face, and I think I even had butt sweat.. I went and people stared and I just smiled awkwardly as I picked out my healthy food!!! Yeah, I am trying to "become" healthy. It's hard work and expensive, but I know it's gonna pay off. I am resisting the syrupy sweet tea in the kitchen right now. I did enjoy strawberries w/o sugar, grapes and an apple this morning. Will be moving on to a wheat bread turkey sandwich for lunch... then we shall see how things go from there.. It might get crazy.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yeah, Yeah.. I am a day late...

Besides the fact that I am the worst blogger ever...

I went to see SATC!!!! I absolutely loved it. Will be purchasing it as soon as it is availabe on DVD. I will add it to my collection... BFF and I used to text each other and say we were going to New York when we were about to watch the show. That's it.

Now, Josh and I went home this weekend and totally went to Jubilee Jam. By far, JJ is one of my most favorite things to do. I love downtown Jackson. I know it's ghetto and I know the crime blows.. but come on.. JJ is amazing and I want J-town to thrive and survive.. so we went to support to local hoo haa. I definitely enjoyed ZZ Top and my favorite, Robert Randolph. AMAZINGGGGGG.

Saturday, we headed on down to Crystal Springs for a friend of mines wedding. It was lovely. A little warm outside, but a good time indeed and just like I pictured a Jenny Alton and Doug Price wedding. We headed back to "town" for more of Jubilee Jam fun. BFF, hub, my hub and Claire without her hub went to kick it downtown with Robert Randolph and I mustn't forget, Three Six Mafia. Yeah, we threw gang signs and what not and took pics. I will attempt to get those up ASAP.

Father's Day went down at 143 McCarty with my family. My brother's gonna be a new dad come January, so we got to celebrate dad, new dad and sadly missed grandad. ( I did get to call my other g-pa via phone though)

OK, so work is now calling. I know this blog was just full of good times... til next time...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SATC.....coming to a theater near you

So the countdown is on. T minus 9 days until... drum roll please... SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously think I may sleep outside the theater May 29 and watch the first time available. I even have a SATC background on my work computer. (Yes, it's tasteful, nothing with Samantha humping everything in site.) BFF and I were totally gonna see it together, but seeing as how I will be home this weekend for Memorial Day, looks like we will have to text throughout the movie. Sorry BFF.

Today is the day 3 years ago I met Josh!! We met at MB and Andrew's wedding. Who knew 3 years later we would be married and living in Texas. My how time flies. It's been crazy, fun, memorable, horrible, lovable, etc. I couldn't picture myself with anyone else. I love being married to him.

Oh and on another note, American Idol comes on tonight. If David Archuleta wins, I might vomit. No, I change my mind, I will vomit.. immediately and multiple times in disgust.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

How's it gonna be...

One of my favorite songs ever sung by Third Eye Blind... but reallly thought provoking.
I guess you could say I'm in an emotional stage this week... all worked up over the small things and wondering "How's It Gonna Be?" I know I should just sit back and take it all as it comes, but really, that's a lot harder said than done.

I'm anal. I worry. I plan for the "way too far ahead to even plan" future. I save for retirement. I pay my bills on time every month. I use coupons. I love Dave Ramsey. I even worry about my kids life and I am not even thinking about kids. (that's the sad part)

So, I'm thinking to myself.. "Haley, you should really relax." I guess that's what my prozac is for. I wonder what my life would be like without it? Geez, that's probbaly a blog all in itself.

Oh and this is for Kati..I brought my gym stuff to work today. I am gonna work out. I am not gonna stay for like 3 hours and make myself all sore, but I am gonna work out. Be Proud!!!

So I raise a toast to prozac, relaxing and cheap riunite!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can someone please explain

why I fall asleep at work?
Really, it's getting ridiculous. I go to bed early, that doesn't help. I drink caffeinated tea while at work, that doesn't help. I take iron pills, nope, that doesn't work either. I even take quick naps in the bathroom and it NEVER seems to help me stay awake.
I always seem to wake up right before the 5 pm. Then I am pumped and ready to save the world.
It was so bad today, one of my co-workers asked me a question and I literally fell asleep in the middle of answering it. She then proceeded to ask me, "Are you gonna take a nap right now?"
Yeah, pretty much....

So, now I blog about falling asleep at work in an attempt to stay awake. SAD..people... real sad.

Back to work...

Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, I am not one for promoting music by any means. I'm not a real music junkie, like my friends Steve Little and Bethany Horne, but I love this guy. His name is Freddy. (not to mention he's HOT) I love his music, especially Defy Gravity!!!!
Anyway, he has an "amazing" story and he drove from Pennsylvania to Dallas to play on the radio this morning. They called it the "Freddy Needs Gas tour'" He would play at different stops on his way to Dallas and people would give him gas money.

Read his story at

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So, I decided the other day I would start a blog. I read Trey ( and DK's ( pretty regularly. I love reading them. They make me laugh. So I pondered for awhile to decide if "blogging" was really meant for me. The end result looks like it's gonna be a yeah until I get tired of it. ..which really may not be too far from now. I am one for loving the idea of something, but really initiating it and keeping it up.. not my thing.

So here goes.. the blogging days of Haley Windham have begun.