Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SATC.....coming to a theater near you

So the countdown is on. T minus 9 days until... drum roll please... SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously think I may sleep outside the theater May 29 and watch the first time available. I even have a SATC background on my work computer. (Yes, it's tasteful, nothing with Samantha humping everything in site.) BFF and I were totally gonna see it together, but seeing as how I will be home this weekend for Memorial Day, looks like we will have to text throughout the movie. Sorry BFF.

Today is the day 3 years ago I met Josh!! We met at MB and Andrew's wedding. Who knew 3 years later we would be married and living in Texas. My how time flies. It's been crazy, fun, memorable, horrible, lovable, etc. I couldn't picture myself with anyone else. I love being married to him.

Oh and on another note, American Idol comes on tonight. If David Archuleta wins, I might vomit. No, I change my mind, I will vomit.. immediately and multiple times in disgust.


Trey Dawkins said...

you know the votes are in and counted and david cook wins. It's been leaked.

Ailie Calhoun said...

harry...i hate to blow your cover, but according to your acronym in the title, the movie would be called Sex The And City. Only telling you bc I love you...and because I practically define the word "typo." love you, kitty manooni.