Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Me.... MAYBE!

Yeah, I know. No one keeps their New Year's Resolutions including me.. but I am at least going to attempt to be a better person!! So, here goes my ultimate list.... if I at least accomplish one.. I'll be proud.

1. figure out why i sleep all the time. no, im not depressed. I seriously think I have some sleep disorder or I'm deficient in something.

2.. to watch my foul language. it's out of control

3. to run a 5k... i've actually started this by scheduling a physical to see if i still have exercise induced asthma. if i do, then looks like i'll be marking this one off my list.

4. to get my house SUPER organized. Most of you know I am an "ANAL ALLIE" so I am already pretty organized.. but there are some things around my house that are really urking at my soul.

5. to become a better wife. I'm not the best.. I definitely have down falls, but I know I could strive to be better in this department.

6. GO TO CHURCH MORE OFTEN. My heavens, I pray and talk to God (not so good at reading the bible), but I haven't gotten my lazy butt up to go to church in I don't know how long. This is not acceptable. I know going to church won't get me in the pearly gates, but it will make me a stronger Christian and should help me with that foul mouth of mine

7. Finally, the usual of lose 30 lbs! (yeah right, like that's even gonna happen)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving

Here at my grandparents house. Still doesn't seem right to refer to it as my grandfather's house, seeing as how my grandmother is down the road 6 feet under. I miss her. We had a good Thanksgiving. We laughed at how she would have asked at the table, "I wonder what the poor folks are doing?" or how she would have been eating out of all the food before we actually ate it!! It's so quiet. She's not asleep in her chair with newspaper in hand, compression hose on and sporting her Birkenstocks. I'm thankful for so many things this year, but I would be a little more thankful if she would have been here for ONE last Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching Up

I'm not even gonna say anything about my lack of blogging.. here are the pics to catch you up to NOW

Here we go.. in NO particular order..

Father's Day! My dad is the BEST!

Little "last supper" for BFF and Baby Daddy (she is married) before the big day

Me and BFF at "The Last Supper"

Annual Windham "Coasting to the Coast" trip!

Grandmother, Aunts, and Mom at Girl Breakfast!

 Cousins at Girl Breakfast!

Doing a little USM tailgating

Before BFF had AP!

After BFF had AP.

Of course, the first time I held her.. I lost control of myself and my tears.

Look at her growing up! She's so precious!

Josh is thrilled to participate!

I was murdering my pumpykin!

Fabulous pumpkin carving by the Windhams!

Halloween Kids!

It's mustache Movember.. Men, get your prostates checked.

Cutest kid FOR REALZ!

Ryker turned 1!! He was thinking, "Oh sweet Mother of Mary.. I'm gonna love this!"

That's right. He stuck his face in it and then laughed!

I think I'm gonna be sick

To the movies..BFF had to bring her pee cooler.

Girls night before Saranne exploded baby everywhere

Eraj in town for her BURFDAY!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

THE Purse

One random day, I was tagged to tell what was in my purse.. well that was a while back.. but here are the contents of the bag on that day... Here she is... she's not pink, she's more coral and she holds a good bit..
The main contents consists of:
1. My wallet - it's all about the benjamin's baby
2. Keys - they get me from point A to point B
3. sunglesses - I gotta sport the stunna shades
4. My green bag - cause if you dont'already know, I hug trees
5. My wedding rings - I better put those on..
6. an owl necklace and some earrings - the earrings broke
7. lip gloss - just in case there is need to pucker up
8. my weight watchers calculator - yeah, im using it now.. gonna shed those pounds jillian
9. calendar - how do i live without this thing?

10. some facewash I bought (that ended up breaking my face out like a 15 yr old)
11. some ointment - for my murfed up finger (eczema)
12. mascara that was purchased with that awful facewash
13. lipstick - just in case i don't want that funky gloss
14. bare minerals in a puff brush so I can hide those 15 year old zits
This bag in my bag is like my everything..
15. hairbrush - in case i need to get after my "knap"
16. lady events holder -for tampons
17. kleenexs - for sad events
18. immodium - i have a murfed up stomach
19. zantac - in case of heartburn ( im beginning to sound like an old lady)
20. perfume - in case i stink
21.rolaids - for heartburn
22.neosporin - im always getting bo bo's
23. floss - for the obvious reasons (im in dental hygiene school)
24. comb - for others
25. crest- in case i need to brush
26. klonapin - for when i freak the hell out
27. antibacterial - for those nasty places..
So, my bag makes it seem like I'm vain. If you know me, you know I'm not vain... or even remotely close to it. I am, however, ANAL ALLIE.. and I feel the need to have everything "JUST IN CASE."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chemistry and Statisitics

Don't worry. I am coming back to blogging. I have been taking lots of pictures to account for a few of the things I have been doing. I have been taking Chem I for 5 hours a day for 20 days. So, to say the least, it's been whipping my tail all over the place.... BUT as of this FRIDAY, I will be done with Chemistry. I will NOT be done with Statistics, but Chemistry will be OVER and that my friends will be the biggest relief EVER.  And then... I can blog!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Growing Up!

Since I cannot decide what I want to be when I grow up, I am going to summer school. Dental hygiene isn't enough torturing, so I shall finish DH and move onto nursing. I know, I know.. you are thinking.. Haley, you are a moron.  I am. I am taking Chemistry and Statistics this summer, will finish DH in the fall and spring, hopefully pass national and state boards and then start a yearlong advanced nursing program(if I get in) for the next year. What have I gotten myself into? I start in 40 I'll let you know!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Only for the disgusting.....

You can only watch this video if you have disgusting humor like me. If you don't, then you will be totally offended and probably defriend me. Don't say I didn't warn you. For your viewing pleasure!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I LOVE HUBS (Ridculous Sappy Post)

I know I'm never sappy, but right now.. it's late and I just watched this movie that made me realize just how truly blessed I am. My hubby is seriously the best. He works hard everyday so I can go to school and one day figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Yes, I definitely complain because he still has not unpacked his suitcase from our cruise 2 weeks ago, he leaves dirty dishes in the sink and doesn't wash them out or put them in the dishwasher and the list goes on, but overall I love him... A LOT! I wish we spent more time together and enjoyed more of the same things, but we are on the opposite end of the spectrum! Nonetheless... I am so thankful for him and so thankful for all the sacrafices he has made for us.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My damn friends are either getting married or having babies. They won't spare me a freaking year to get things in order..I am hosting a million showers. Don't get me wrong, I love them all!! I just want to be all crafty, but I can't be when I am going to school. I have all these fun and great ideas and nothing. Just today, I had this great idea of how cute I was going to wrap a friend of mines gift.... yeah, not so much. She got the gift on her front door step with the receipt tucked in the side of the box. That's apparently how I do things.

She did get the unwrapped gift, but I made up for it when I made the door hanger for the hospital when her little bundle arrives. I must admit, it's hella cute (with a little help from BFF) Of course, I don't have a final picture because I forget to do that kinda stuff.. but just imagine how cute it is.. (maybe I can get her to send me a pic)
imagine the letters at the bottom are a cute green color that was distressed and a little pink kinda came through. There were little balls at the top R and L of the board that were green too. it hangs by the ribbon. It's so cute.. I wish I had taken a pic of the finished product. I am working on BFF's too! I'll for sure have a picture of it!

Getting crafty with it

ok, so boy have I been crafty. Bad thing, I totally didn't do a very good job of keeping up with my crafty projects via camera.. so the pics go in spurts.... Random I know.
OK, so it started out with some really FAB knobs I found at "Hob Lob" (totally stole that word from Thrifty Decor Chick) I then got a little excited about the knobs and started buying other non necessary items. I hate it when that happens.
So, one of the items I bought (or shall I say two items I bought) are the little wooden 2 for a buck things. I sanded them nicely and then decided on some paint colors and gave em a nice color (the one above is gray)
Then, I cut out some cute scrapbook paper (another one of those unnecessary items purchased at the store) I modpodged the paper to the piece of wood. Then, I sanded the edges of the sandpaper so it would look "rough." You should also wait til th emodpodge dries, unless you are like ridiculously impatient that you want to get it finished RIGHT NOW.
TA DA!!  Screw the knobs in and cut the backs of the screws off with a miter saw! They are awesome. I love em!!! I attached a picture hanger thing from the back of it. I have necklaces hanging from one and my apron hanging from another ( I don't cook, but it looks really cute in my kitchen)

I moved on to another project after that. I admit, this project was late at night and I was bound and DETERMINED to make this thing come hell or high water. I straight up rigged this thing together.. just because I wanted to see it soo bad. so here is the finished product...
It's a magnet board. I had some leftover 2x4's and I screwed some leftover screws into the magnet board (make note: leftover sounds like a great term to use, but the screws were too long, so they poke out the back of the 2x4.. way to have patience haley) Anyway, then i made the magnets... and that thing is hanging in my kitchen. It looks great too!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Beach bummin it

I was on a boat and now i'm headed to the beach. Post pics when I get back.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Matt, Ashley and Sawyer Dykman

Right now, I need all the prayers I can get from you guys.  Little Sawyer is making his world debut today... but he has been having lots of problems on his journey to the world and I need you guys to pray HARD for him and his mom and dad, Ashley and Matt. If you would, take a second right now and lift them up.

I took this from Ashley's blog. It gives a little information on lil Sawyer...
          "Baby Sawyer has a bladder outlet obstruction. At 17 weeks a sonogram found his enlarged bladder. The obstruction would not let urine out. The urine had backed up into the kidneys and damaged one. I had 3 bladder taps and fetal surgery done to put a shunt in his bladder. Both of his kidneys have now failed due to damage from the backup of urine. His lungs will probably be underdeveloped as well due to lack of amniotic fluid during pregnancy."

You can read more about little Sawyer on Ashley's blog.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crafty down the drain...

My crafty projects that I have been working are failing miserably... the other ones are great.. but the ones that i have been really workinn on... are FAILING.. ugh

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smile : )

Sometimes a smile is all you need........ from someone or someones words. Either way, it's just what you need somedays. Today was the day I needed it and I got it!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Ok, it's 1 a.m. and I should be A. studying B.sleeping or C. working on my portfolio that's due tomorrow. Instead, I found something slightly more entertaining. I was tagged to tell you 7 random things about myself. I absolutely love this because I am the most random individual you will ever meet. Here goes.

1. I should work for PETA. I hate fishing cause I think it hurts them, I save turtles from the road any chance I get, I hate killing butterflies when I am driving down the road and they smash into my windshield, I would love to nourish anything back to health as long as I don't have to keep it. I don't want an animal of my own...

2. I can't decide what I want to be when I grow up. So far I have accomplished degrees for television, spanish and I'm working on dental hygiene. Next up might be...nursing. I am taking classes this summer for nursing pre-reqs. My husband says I have two years to decide what I wanna be. In 2 years.. I will be 30.. so I guess he has a point!

3. I would seriously save every penny my husband made if he would let me. I would see what is the least amount we could live off of.. but there is no way he would let me try it. I would have basic cable, never go anywhere, use toilet paper sparingly, never use paper towels, sit in the dark, etc. I am talking.. hippie hardcore.

4. I have a problem with cuss words. They just come out. My husband hates it. It's an awful habit and I want to stop.. but how can I.. when I don't even know they are coming out of my mouth. It's awful.

5. My husband is the TOTAL OPPOSITE from me. I am a crazy, do anything, say whatever, loud mouth wierdo. My husband is a quiet, respectful and conservative sweet man who would do anything for anyone. Opposites do attract, but I am pretty sure he wants to punch me in the face on a regular basis because of my erratic behavior.

6. I want so badly to own a house and decorate it. I swear I have watched enough HGTV over the past few years to pretty much build my own house from scratch, decorate it and landscape it.  Mark my words... ONE DAY I will get to do this. I even went so far as to knock on the door of this house I wanted and asked her if I could look around...It was perfect, minus the tiny backyard and a few other changeable things.. too bad they wanted more than we could afford.

7.  I have an awful obsession with chocolate milk. I prefer vitamin D milk with Hershey's chocolate syrup. I pour the milk into a Newk's glass (cause it's so big) and then pour the syrup in. I have to count to almost 15 seconds (it's really faster than 15 seconds) and then stir it up!! It's AMAZING.. I have stopped because it became an everyday occurrence and my pants didn't like it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Curtains Galore

My very talented mother is making BFF curtains for her house. They are fabulous. I am so mad that I bought curtains from the store, I just want to take mine down and burn them. UGHH! One day, when I have a house, I will have curtains made from fabulous fabric that I pick out! I am so jealous of BFF's curtains. However, I kept my jealousy to a minimum when she asked me to help hang the brackets. I am by no means, the best curtain rod hanger.. but I did try my darndest. I only have two pictures, but don't worry.. there will be more. I am going to her house today to take pics.

Yep, there is no MAN job that I can't handle. I do it all!! I mow, weedeat, use power tools, saw, etc.
Here is the end result for the living room window. I didn't get the measurements exact, so the curtains hang a little more on the floor than BFF would like.. so she is going to move the rods up a little bit. (I probably won't get invited over for that job, since I screwed it up)

Here is the living room. Aren't you jealous? I AM!

Mossy Balls

Can you believe I have 
 1. made more than one post in a week?  
2. actually have 2 crafty projects going on?
3. actually took pictures to document these events?
 I totally think it's because I am on spring break. Nonetheless, I am really proud of myself.. BUTTTTTTT today is Sunday and that means, school is back tomorrow... and crafts, blogs and what nots shall be forgotten.
Anyway, on to my craftiness....I have had this little piece of decor for oh, for about 8 years or so. (it's a candle holder)

For 8 years, I have searched for the most perfect candle to fit inside the little holes. These said candles, DO NOT EXIST. I have purchased many a candle... even gone so far as to shave the bottoms off the candle and force them inside the holder. Nope.. nothing works. So, BFF found the below crafty idea on someone's blog (I don't remember who) and I decided I would try it in the candle holders. IT'S PERFECT!!!!!! I love it!

So, I searched endlessly for the perfect little styrofoam ball. (Fads and Frames for 79 cents a piece)

Then, I bought a bag of moss at Michaels for 4.99

I also bought some push pins from Micheals. I think they were like 3 bucks. (You could totally get them at Wal-Mart for cheaper, but I was not down with driving to Wal-Mart when they were right in front of my face at Michaels) You basically just push pin the moss into the styrofoam ball. Make note, I used the larger pins, not the sissy small ones. DON'T BUY SPRAY ADHESIVE.. it doesn't work. I tried it. It sticks to everything but the ball and moss.

You can kinda see the pin in the picture. There is no method to this madness... you just start sticking in pins.  I didn't pin any moss into the bottom of the balls because I was afraid they wouldn't fit in the holder.. so the bottoms are kinda naked.
I put them in the little holder and they are absolutely FABULOUS!!!!
 They are so cute finished. I LOVE THEM!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Crafty with it

So, as I promised.... pictures of my craftiness. Make note, these crafts are a work in progress and none are actually finished yet... Rome wasn't built in a day folks. Also make note, I don't have any before pictures... I'm not a before kinda girl!
I started out hand sanding the damn thing... and that was just awful.. so I went to my parents house and broke out my dads sander. I would like to know how old this thing is. It had a trigger... you plugged it in and pushed the trigger. I made my mom take a pic of my craftiness!!!

This is after my hellofa awesome sanding job. I got after it with a dremmel too. If you don't know what a dremmell is.. look it up. I didn't either... until my cousin introduced me to my new BFF. I sanded this thing for days probably. There were at least 82 layers of paint. I started taping it off..most boring part ever.
Then I whipped out the trusty dusty spray paint!! I love spray paint. I can just go to town without a brush!! I am using this spray paint for another project I am working on. Can you believe I am working on more than one project. I think the world is coming to an end.

Then, I spray painted this mug like it was going out of style. (until I ran out of spray paint) Thank the Lord I live like 1.7 miles from Wal-Mart.. cause tonight, I am making a trip. I will finish this thing before Spring Break 10 ends.  So, that's as far as I have gotten. It's now laying in the doorway... waiting for my trip to Wal-Mart and daylight so I can start over!!