Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Mad

So, yeah I mentioned that running thing I was taking on...Well I hate it. If I knew my mother didn't read this, I may let out a string of cuss words to express my hatred for it. Ok, so it's not that bad. This is week three. I haven't done so well. The routine changed up a bit and threw me for a loop. Instead of running, 90 seconds.. I had to run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes. That's right, 3 minutes. That's a long time people. You actually only have to do it 2x, but I couldn't make it 2nd time. I ran maybe 1 minute of it. I better shape up or ship out I suppose. Shout to Randi Kale King. I saw her checking the mail, but I couldn't run fast enough to get there to say hey... so hey now. I also didn't have enough energy to flail my arm in the air for an attempted wave... I couldn't even yell hello cause I would never recover my breathing! I am pathetic.

Oh yeah, some exciting news. I am finished with BIOLOGY! If you refer back to a previous post where I discussed my disgust with Biology.. you will understand how thrilled I am about this accomplishment. I even came out of the class with a B!! I even failed the last test and the final and still made a B!! Now, that's what I am talking about. I had to make at least a 34 on the final to have a B! I made a 58.. still an F and I don't even care! If you know me, I am pretty anal retentive about grades, so this is a big deal for me NOT to care. I got an A in lab too which makes things even better.

Josh is going out of town this weekend.. for a man trip.. to do man things.. with his man friends. Whatever that consist of! Im pretty pumped I get to do whatever I want. Think I will put clean sheets on the bed, soak in the tub, paint my toes, watch a movie, better yet... watch Sex and The City!!!! MMMM, I can already tell this is gonna be a good weekend.

I do have to attend Dan's shower Saturday night, which by the way, Claire is not coming too cause she is a piece of crap bridesmaid. She hasn't come to anything. You suck CLAIRE! Saranne's not coming either, but she at least made it to her shower the other weekend.
I'll post pics of that fo sho!

Ok, must take a bath to head to class... boo. I will be glad when school is over.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

I may be smarter, but that doesn't mean I'm not scared of them. Tomorrow, I have to speak to a bunch of 5th graders about the water cycle. It's not that I am petrified of the 5th graders. I am really scared of the other adults standing around listening to me. What if I don't have a clue about what I am talking about or I can't speak or even worse.. I spit out a few cuss words in the middle of it.
I have printed out several articles to use as a discussion for it.. so hopefully I can get on a 5th grade level and maybe even get a smile or two out of these kids. Wish me luck, cause I am literally scared to death.. probably won't be able to sleep tonight.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I hear the Lord doesn't give you more than you can handle... I think he's showing me now. I am paying attention Lord... I am paying attention...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Run Haley Run

Oooooh. I must say, I didn't give myself 4 days before I gave up on running. I am on week 2 already. I have only run a total of 4 times, but this is an accomplishment like no other!! I am so proud of myself. If I could take pics of myself while running, I would.. and I would post them! I did buy a watch today so I can stop carrying my mother's kitchen timer with me when I run. Although, I do pretty much feel like "I'm done" when I finish running. Did you get my funny? Anyway, so my watch is pretty fabulous and I enjoyed running with it today. Josh just got home and we are about to eat supper. Yeah, it's pretty much gonna be 10:30 pm when we eat.. but at least we are gonna eat. He's grilling shrimp and wings. I am whipping up some squash, english peas and this devine pasta salad with feta and balsamic! Can you tell I'm starved.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paint by numbers..

We be painting up a storm at my brothers house... getting the baby's room together. It's coming together nicely.. except for the fact that really dark brown paint doesn't work well.. you have to paint like a thousand times to get it to look right.. we are on coat number 2... Brother is working on the accent wall. Hope we finish by the time the kid arrives. I'll post pics of the mess we have made of the poor childs room.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 2

I started week 2. This week I should begin running 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes... but I'm not going to start it just yet. I am going to do another week 1, which is run 60 seconds and walk 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes.... just to be sure I can make it!!! I don't want to wear myself out. As much as I didn't want to run today, I did. I avoided it all day and decided when I got to my parents tonight I would run... well of course, it started to rain.. but it slacked up and I got my butt out there and started the week... so I just wanted to give myself a shout out!!! 

The Unsolved Mystery

Ok, I am beginning to think something is really murfed up here.. for almost a year I have been having this recurring problem and I have yet to find the culprit. Holes in shirts... I probably have thrown away at least 6 shirts and now have at least 4 in my closet that have holes in the shirt. The twist is, the holes are in the same spot... in all the shirts. Please explain this to me. The holes are in the front of the shirts where my pants are. I have checked all my pants, but I don't know where these holes are coming from. I am getting a little preturbed.. as I am having to constantly get rid of shirts. Yesterday, I had a shirt on and it had 3 holes.. all right beside each other.. good shirts, old shirts, new shirts, fugly shirts.. you name it.. they have holes in them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

And we're off

to New Orleans for a night of celebrate Ashlea's looming nuptuals!!! See ya when we get back, if we make it back!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swinging Bridge 5K

That's right.. Josh and I came up with a plan. I have a goal.. the Byram Swinging Bridge 5K July 11. That gives me plenty of time to work up to running a COMPLETE 5K!!! I am so pumped about it I can't see straight. I am about to get dressed to start Workout 2 of the 5K. Josh said, "Haley, just do the first 3 weeks and then we will go from there." You think he's doubting I am gonna make it til week 3? Sounded like it!!

Tomorrow is the adventures of my first paint job! Brother and I are going to paint the babies room since Stephanie has to work, has been having heart problems and shouldn't be around paint anyway. I will be sure to take my camera... cause only the Lord knows what kind of hot mess we are going to make of the room or ourselves.

I must stop procrastinating and get dressed....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Couch to 5k

So, I consumed a LIttle Ceasars pizza today for lunch. I chose the pizza route for lunch today, because number 1 my husband was at work and I knew I could dispose of the box in the apartment trash bin and he would never know I ate it. Reason 2 is because as I was pulling into my apartment complex, I saw the Pizza Hut van delivering and a Papa John's delivery car... I knew it was meant to be.  So, I left and drove to Little Ceasars and obtained my 5.94 pepperoni pizza and a 20 0z Mountain Dew. So, I go home and plop down on the couch for a little HGTV. Then, I fell asleep. So, now I have consumed pretty much a whole pizza, a 20 oz MD and now a nap. Way to go Haley. Way to be on top of your life. I slept for about an hour and a half.. woke up... ate some more pizza. I spend the night with my parents on Monday nights because I have school in Raymond on Tuesday mornings... so I gather all of my things, clean up and ball out. I stop by the trash can and throw away all the trash and then bebop on outta there towards Byram. After my delightful drive to B-town, with the sunroof open and the music loud... I about swerved off the road when I realized.... GASP... I left the pizza box on the coffee table. I didn't throw it away with the trash. My husband will now see it and will know I ALONE at almost a whole pizza. OH LORD, do I turn around? I can't... What do I do? No one has a house key. If BFF would have had one, I would have made her leave work and head over there to dispose of the evidence. 

Well, I ended up confessing to Josh, I left the pizza box out. He asked me if there was any pizza left.. my mumble of a response was, 2 pieces. He didn't say anything... EXCEPT, "Remember, you gotta get in that bathing suit in May."  You are right, I know.... So after that brick hit me in the face, I decided to do something I have always wanted to do. RUN A 5K. My husband is a runner... he runs daily like 4 miles. My fat butt sits around and eats pizza. Anyway, so I started today. Today was Day 1!!!! I accomplished it. But I am posting this so I will read it and then remind myself.. I can't disappoint my readers. I must keep going!!