Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Broken Glass...

So, I try to do my daily good deed of the day at least once a week...I never make one a day..that's neither here nor there..
So today, I am in chem lab and this guy I am an "aquantaince" of breaks a test tube on the counter. Let me preface this story by saying, he is a really nice guy, but not the "coolest" of the college kids. We are in chem and chem lab together.. so he saw me in the library one day, sat down at the table and started chit chatting away. He told me he has OCD and has to make noises and count things..he has trouble with school work, yada yada yada. So, back to lab today... he breaks the test tube and I am sure he is embarassed. Me, being the ever so kind person I am, didn't make fun of him, which I am sure you all thought I did... NO, i head on over to help him clean up. I begin gathering up the pieces and trying to sweep them into a pile. Instead of saying thanks, he walks off. WALKS OFF. What the eff? I try to help you b/c I feel sorry for you b/c you said you had OCD and you have a hard time concentrating, etc. etc. and then you leave me to clean up your mess. Yeah, I don't think so buddy. So, then the teachers walks over and thinks I have broken the test tube and she proceeds to tell me it's ok and people break them all the time. Of course, my partners are laughing hysterically b/c I tried to be nice and homeboy leaves me to tend to his mess. In true Haley fashion, when I finished sweeping the pieces into the dustpan, I brought them over to him and told him I finished cleaning up his mess and put the dustpan in his face. I'm over being nice..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome Home Polar Bear

Hello Polar Bear!

So the Windhams got a new dog "to keep the varmants away." I admit he is a sweet, sweet dog. He was almost dead when someone brought him to Tom and Glo's vet. They nursed him back to health, neutered him and now he has a home right here! T-cat named him Polar Bear because he is obviously white like a polar bear! Josh and I dog sat last night while Tom and Glo went to eat. So far, so good for the dog. He didn't destroy anything. He did chew up part of Glo's coaster and some papers while she was asleep.

And he's out!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

We carved pumpkins tonight with the Windham family. It was fun. Tom and Hubs pretty much just went after their pumpkins with knives. Ben and I meticulously made sure we had gotten all of the goo out of the pumpkin and then carved them ever so gently.. Riley enjoyed painting all over her miniature pumpkin. Tiff and Glo did not take part in degutting the pumpkins or making their own. Tiff had to supervise Riley and Glo took pics.

Getting the garbage out

Ready to begin!

My fabulous punkin!

Us with our punkins!

Someone just died in the bar. Seriously

The girls!!
So, Raj was in town for 15 days and we got to hang out. Good times were had...until they made fun of my shoes. Go ahead, take the poll. Answer incorrectly and you may want to watch your back. Anyway, we had a good time... for old folks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

For your viewing pleasure.

This video is for your viewing pleasure.. Meet Chris Tony.. Watch Chris eat the pasta from the reception...He ate every bite this way... and this was not a joke..

This video was shot right before he attempted to make out with the bartender thinking this would sway her to give her number to him. This tactic did not work, so he thought if he tried to slow dance with her behind the bar, she would then want to go home with him. Since none of these tactics worked, he stood behind her and licked her ear..... Needless to say, she was tempted by the ear licking, but opted to clean up the bar area and head to the house... probably as fast as possible..

It's not FAIR!!!

Josh and I went to the fair Friday night... I ate a free biscute with some Blackburn syrup that was devine! I didn't eat anything else. Can you believe it? I am ashamed of myself. Josh paid a dollar to see the 100 lb rat. It's actually a nutria or whatever.. I would not pay another dollar to see it so I made him take a pic of it! We went to the beer tent and hung out with some top notch skankbags. We ran into some dbags and rode the big slide for 10 bucks. All in all, the fair wasn't nearly as cool as it was years ago.

Us at the fair!

Dirty Rat

Spelling Bee Winner!!

I have no words.

Rajjing it out with Eraj!

Eraj is in town and we got to hang out! Oh my, you don't know how exciting it is to know she is only a few miles away!!!!!! I am so glad she's here and can't wait til our girls night on Saturday! Too bad we only took a few pics and they aren't the best of Raj.

Raj getting her "hur did" by KT!

Kmills and me just hanging around the salon!


So, my niece got a new ride and I got to sport her around in it!! She was seriously pumped about it! I was pretty much out of breath after riding her around the block. Good lord, I think I need to get into shape if I ever plan on having kids.

He came to the wedding with a beer...

So, we went to the Pouncey/Chappel wedding this weekend in Natchez. It ws fabulous... not fabuless... My heavens.. they must have spent a ton on their wedding. Everything was phenomenal!! The food, cake, the open bar all night long, and the candy bar! I ate so many M and M's my stomach hurt and the sweet and sour-y things were delish!! There was this guy who came to the wedding with a beer... in his hand.. not hiding it in his pants pocket. It was open and he was drinking it during the wedding. CLASSY!!! Here are some pics of a fun night!!

Cute couple!


Bridge and Groom!!

Chris after consuming too much alcohol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finding Pics Makes me Happy!

KT got hitched and is no longer KT.. she's KTR!


You pretty much can't stop us now.. we are back and in full effect.. with a little drama to dabble in here and there...mostly Claire though.

Ranting and Raving

Josh and I at the USM game!!
Go Eagles!!

Seriously, whose idea was it to force someone to take all these unnecessary classes to clean teeth? I want to talk to that person STAT. I don't need to know about the osteoclast cells that are breaking down the bones in my body as I type or the steaming I must do to break through the keratin in the endospore stain that prevents it from absorbing the malachite green stain. I promise, I won't touch malachite green, carbolfuschin or vegetative cells again. I swear to it.
I'm done. Thanks for allowing me to vent.
On another note, Josh and I are headed to Natchez this weekend for the Pouncey/Chappell wedding, which should pretty much guarantee us a good time. I won't be thinking about HCC Rankin either. We are gonna miss the BIG USM game this year... Sad... but Josh shall support them in Memphis and I must go to Homecoming or Amber will jump off the top of the stadium to her death.