Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fear and Accomplishment

I took the biggest leap of my life...

I stepped into an elevator alone. This is probably one of my greatest fears. Being alone in an elevator terrifies me. I can't tell you the last time I actually rode an elevator by myself. The thought petrifies me.

BUT.. I DID IT! I rode an elevator by myself, with a little encouragement from about 10 of my dental hygiene friends!! I told Leigh I wanted to get on it.. she encouraged me.... more like convinced me!! I was scared, palms were sweaty, stomach in knots.. crazy. So, I got on it. Then, as the doors started to shut I got halfway out so the door wouldn't shut. I thought I might have a heart attack. As you see, I didn't. I got back on. Leigh said, push the button and breathe... I did. The doors shut and I rode from the 4th floor to the 2nd. I squealed the whole way down... and when the doors opened and my friends were standing there clapping..I cried. Cried cause I rode it, cried cause they cared so much, cried cause I was glad to get off the elevator.. you name it.. I was crying about it... BUT I DID IT!!!

I don't think it's really's like I had a small issue with riding the elevator alone and I got so used to not riding the elevator alone that I figured I just couldn't ever ride it alone...but I forced myself to get over the fear... so NOW.. onto more elevators. I will conquer this..

Saturday, October 10, 2009


My NYC friends came to Jackson.. I miss them...

This will only take a second

So, before I begin this story, let's remember, my husband said this would only take a second.

The hubs works an hour and ten minutes away, so we never get to grab lunch or hang out, but he had Thursday off! I was so glad we were actually going to spend some time together. We had Tiffany's surprise birthday party that night that I had to get ready for, but we were going to hang out and do a couple of things before her party. So, we head to Newks for lunch. I even took a picture of hubs for proof that we did eat lunch together! Isn't he cute here?

hubs eating lunch

So, then he informs me we "have to go to his deer camp for a second" to take this deer stand down. It won't take long he promises. Make note, I still have to get ready for this party... like pick up the cake, get some decorations, etc... not just show up to the party. So, we head to his parents house... where we have to hook up the trailer, air the tires in the 4-wheeler, load the 4-wheeler, go to Norman's house to get the ladder and drive to deercamp. We arrive at the deercamp to take down the deerstand because they are clear cutting the land. As most of you know, I am a tree hugging hippie. I love the world. So, I almost cry and stop to take a picture of the trees they are going to cut down.

Sad about the trees :(

We unload the 4-wheeler and the ladder to ride to our deerstand destination. We get off the 4-wheeler, walk about 50 yards to the tree.. and I'm thinking.. this is gonna take a second. Look at the pic below.. that's not gonna take a second to move.. more like days.

This is the stand, please make note of how tall it is compared to the hubs.
So, a lot of manual labor goes into this move. We have to set up the ladder, climb it, unhinge the binders (or something like that) and attempt to slide this stand down on the tree... we can't let it fall and if we did.. i was instructed to RUN. So needless to say, we get it down safe. Well, remember how I told you we had to walk 50 yards to the stand.. NOW we have to carry the damn thing back to the 4 wheeler.... BUT before we carry it there, we have to take it apart. JUST FABULOUS!
So, we take it apart.. carry it back to the 4-wheeler.. two trips cause we took it apart. THEN, as we are loading it up on the 4-wheeler..HUBS informs me he lost one of the bindings (or whatever it is). How in the world are we supposed to find a binding (or whatever it is) when it matches the freaking ground. By this time, I am sweating profusely. Sweat is dripping in places I didn't know it could drip in. We find the binding (or whatever it is).. then the hubs informs me there is no room on the 4-wheeler for me. He will come back in a minute to pick me up since he his carrying the big part of the deerstand. WELL HELL NO. I am not staying in these woods all alone for even a second.. so you best believe I piled my big butt on the front of the 4-wheeler and off we went.
So now, we come to this huge waterhole..since it was only going to take a second, I am not dressed in "deercamp" appropriate clothing. So, I have to hop off and let him LEAVE ME ALONE in the woods.

This wasn't a puddle I could just walk through or jump over.
SO, I get off the 4-wheeler and wait.. patiently...ALONE.. in the woods.. with noises and bugs and you get the picture. I found a flower to keep me company.. so I took a picture of it.

Long story longer, it took 3 hours and I had to book it to get back, get dressed, get the cake, get the decorations and get to the party.. all before the surprise guest arrived. WHEW!

Take a Bath, Wash Yourself

So, I totally babysat the nephew and he didn't die or leave with anything he didn't come with!!! Look at him as BFF and I gave him a bath. I gave him a mohawk, but you can't really see it. I tell you what. He looks just like my brother. I love little Ryker man!

Run Over

Polar got run over.. He was laying under the tire of a man's truck (who shall remain nameless) and he accidentally ran over him. He is doing much better.. but bless his little head.

So many things

I wanna say and post and show.. but I just can't get it together. Life, get together so I can get back to blogging.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shout out to my Grandparents!

My brother just informed me that my 83 year old grandmother who e-mails and works a computer like a pro checks out my blog. I must give a shout out to my grandmother!!! Hey MAWMAW!!! I am sorry I haven't been posting very much, but school is a little time consuming..and you better believe I put my social life before blogging!!! OK, gotta get dressed to go to school. Promise to update soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

TOEtally on accident

I kicked Brother's foot and about took off his toe.. he apparently took pictures of it on my camera so I could feel even worse than I already did. Thanks brother.

You just don't get any cuter than this

This is my little nephew!
Nicholas Ryker Brooks
8.9 lbs
21 inches
I love him!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tomorrow is "THE DAY"

Tomorrow is the day my nephew finally arrives!!!!!!! Ryker Brooks will be here and I can't wait to meet him. I am so excited.. I know I won't be able to study for my final or sleep!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She's officially double digits!

My niece has turned 10, well not officially til Sunday, but she's already had her party, so she might as well be 10. Anyway, we pimped out to Byram to the luai at the Pizza Hut. My poor sis in law is about to pop... and she was woar (pronounce woah) out.

Had to get a pic of hubby and wifey.

Madison, and her two cousins, Mary Grace and Anna Claire.

My cousin, Allison and me in the other room, avoiding all the chaos.

Dad thought Sara Beth would like to take a picture together. Dad told me to paste it on Facebook and say he was her boyfriend.

Taking it to South Jackson

So, we represented the SO to the Jizay this past weekend. BFF and I drugged our husbands and forced them to come to the ever so classy Reed Pierces in Byram. Look at the guys in this pic, they can't deny what an awesome time they had. BFF and I should have worn our South Jackson shirt. CRAP.
Look at these guys.. they are living it up. I even convinced Mom and Pops to join in on the fun. We pretty much just people watched all night. Even ran into some of the most random people ever.. a cousin of mine that lives in Magee, Celeste Sutherland, Brad Vice (my 8th grade boyfriend), Chris Snells dad, Ben Malley, and the list goes on. I had no idea it was the place to be!

Saranne's classy sister even humped the floor on several occassions. Too bad I didn't get a shot of that.

However, I did get a shot of the BFF, her mom and sister juking it out on the dance floor.

I'm not sure what this move is BFF, but you gotta teach me.. That's pretty much one of a kind there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coastin' to the Coast

So, the Windham clan decided to take a mini vacay... Well, it was a vacation for most of us. Tom (FIL) and Ben (BIL) had to actually do work.. but the rest of didn't. So, here is Tiffnee (as Ben calls her) and me after eating lunch at Schooners. Let me just say, there's not a wide variety of places to eat since Katrina made her debut almost 4 years ago. There are no pictures of the night before because we trusted Nelly the Navigator to take us to a place to eat.. but driving around with a 3 year old who is hungry for almost an hour and Nelly taking us to places destroyed by the hurricane.. pictures did not make it to the forefront of my mind.. eating did!!
When we went to Florida a few weeks ago and stayed with The Jones', they do this fabulous wine and cheese each night on the beach. Tiffany and I absolutely fell in love with the idea. Tiffany decided we would do it while we were on the coast.. so we found this awesome cheese place called Epicure and loaded up on some cheeses. Then we headed to a liquor store to stock up on some wine.. we had to keep the party indoors due to the impending rain.. but since we had an ocean view.. it seemed like we were on the beach!Riley wanted to participate, so we gave her some wine (apple juice) in her own little wine glass. She thought she was on top of the world.. *make note, she did down that apple juice rather quickly. I think her parents might want to be a bit concerned.

This is Josh and me after eating at Mary Mahoney's.. which by the way BLOWS. We have eaten there twice and it has pretty much sucked both times.

On the way home, it stormed, but in the end there was a double rainbow.. now that made my day!

The celebrations continue..

MMM... Mary Beth made some more cupcakes for another "BFF Birthday Celebration"
Look how pretty they were..

Look, BFF is sporting her South Jackson shirt that her BFF got her.. and she wanted to even go as far as pretending like she still lived there.. so she threw up the deuces. Awesome. MB and I just wanted a picture.

This guy's ( I refer to him as a guy because I have no idea who he was) dog decided he was hungry.. so he wanted to lick on the dirty plates. I guess he was successful because he later threw up on BFF's floor.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's BFF's Birthday.. like we didn't know!!

So, if you don't already know, BFF's birthday is like the biggest holiday of the year... no joke. She mostly just rambles on about her birthday, makes some ridiculously long wish list and then terrorizes the rest of the world about how it's her birthday! (Sorry BFF, just giving you grief)

So, for the annual event, since this is the first year I have actually lived here and been able to celebrate the momentous occassion.. I decided cupcakes were a must. So, being the Betty Crocker that I am, I whipped up some fab cupcakes with almond icing.. and if I must say so myself, they were delish! I had to give my cupcakes a shoutout!

Moving right along, if you don't know that Saranne and I married two friends from Rankin County, well now you know. They give us all kinds of grief because A. we are from Hinds County which is not nearly as cool as Rankin County B. we are from Byram and they technically consider that "South Jackson" and C. we are BFF and that requires a lot of time being spent together.

So, Jenny P and I were perusing around Chane in Fondren the other day and I spotted it.. The light shone down from the sky.. and there it was.. BFF's birthday present.. The most perfect gift EVER.. so perfect.. I got myself one. See below!

I couldn't resist it when this lady stood up and had a serious wedgie.. Those aren't shorts.. it's a skirt with a serious problem.. called "you should wear panties so you don't have people take pictures of your awful wedgie"

Well, to top of the night, BFF, being the most graceful individual ever, slung one of her gifts out of the car and onto the ground. She broke the candle holder. So, we went to great measures to save this thing. I am talking hardcore here. We hammered the rest of her candle, put on some rubber gloves and removed all the glass, dug my old candle holder out of the garbage can(it was at the bottom in nastiness), heated it up in a pot to get all the old wax out, cleaned it out, and then cut her candle to fit it "nicely" in the "new" candle holder. Well, it pretty much looks like guacamole in a bowl now.. but this picture is when we got out the ole cutting board and went to town to get the candle in the jar.. Geez louise... remind me not to do that again.

*make note: BFF has already sported her SOUTH JACKSON shirt. Thanks for making me proud and representin'!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The end is near...

Seems like Faxima the Maxima has taken a turn for the worst...
She hasn't been feeling so well these last few weeks and her doctor visits have been costing us an arm and a leg. We haven't even seen her for three weeks since she has been at the hospital. She may come out alive.. but if she does.. she's heading to a local parking lot with a for sale sign on her.

*Also, make note, my husband is loving this seeing as how I refused to let him have a truck.. looks like his wish is coming true after all my huffing and puffing.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am pretty much obsessed...


she is so creative... i don't take on any of her tasks.. but she's awesome...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out of Commission

My poor camera has been out of commission for quite some time now.. but hopefully I can get the thing fixed and upload some PICS... cause i have lots of em with lots of stories to tell. school is interfering with my errand running, so I am having to play catch up with errands.. My to do list is long and I don't like it one bit.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't drink the water or you will get married!

Me, Jess, Saranne and Emma
Al my friends are getting hitched!! I am so excited for them! My really good friend Jessica from highschool is getting married June 6th! We are twins....not really, but in 10th and 11th grade, we accidentally had everything alike.. it was crazy. We had every single class together, we had assigned parking spots by each other, we drove the same color car, we had the same color folders for our classes, we had a bunch of other stuff alike too, but I can't remember. Anyway, then something happened (I don't know what or I would insert it here) and we weren't really friends. We probably didn't talk at all through our whole college careers. Then, in 2005 all the highschool gals were all home for summer... and we pretty much hung out every thursday and friday night. Now, we are all back together again.. like we never went to college and didn't speak to one another!! I love friends.. anyway, I am a bridesmaid and we are gearing up for her wedding. We just had a shower for her at my mom and dads house. The only bad thing, I think this is the only picture I have. Terrible.

Dan and Ashlea
Now, Dan and Ashlea.. well they are a whole other story. Dan decided he wanted to date Ashlea... so they date and we are sorta kinda friends. They come to a wedding shower of mine and the wedding and we become so so friends.. then Dan dumps her out of the middle of nowhere.. cause he sucks.. Well, BFF and I decided we like Ashlea and we wanted to keep her and not Dan, so we did. We did put up with a lot of whining from Ashlea about how she and Dan were supposed to be together forever and blah blah blah. We thought she was crazy.. turns out she was right.. and Dan finally decided he couldn't stand being without Ashlea and now they are engaged and i'm in their wedding too!! Ashlea and I have become really good friends over the last few years.. and I love her to death. She's spastic, anal (even more than me), wakes up way too early, is a total klutz and I love her to death!!

JenBenHoboski, me, Ashlea

JenBen is a third story. JenBen has been dating a good friend of mine from highschool.. Josh Hobock. They have been together for like 10 years or something.. ok not that long, but you get the point here. Anyway, so I have become friends with the future Mrs. JenBenHoboski!! I am enjoying getting to know her. She's so fun to be around. Anyway, so Hobock finally proposed and we have another wedding to plan!!! Good grief guys, stop getting married!! I can't keep up.

Worst case scenario

Meet Sticks and Bones

This is the worst story ever. Josh and I pulled up to his parents house to celebrate Mother's day and we came across these two random dogs. Well, there are actually three, but the third one was down at the pond with Josh's cousin. Here is the story of how these pups came about... My grandpaw in law was coming to my in-laws for Mother's Day supper. He passed a dog that seemed extremely malnourished. He got to my in-laws house and told my MIL about the dog he saw. She loves animals and they decided to go back and get the dog. Well, they get there and this sweet little thing has a brother and a sister that come walking out. All 3 have been starving to death.. literally. They are skin and bones and nothing else. When Josh and I arrive, we only see two.. everyone kept telling us, the third one was much worse. This is the worst I have ever seen any dogs.

Do you see all their bones?
So skinny and this one had a piece of ear missing.

This is the third dog... can you believe this??

This is the worst thing I have ever seen... If she lived, I was going to name her Lucky.
So, the story goes like this.. they are the sweetest dogs ever. They are kind, love people, love touch, love food, and are really sweet! Today, my mother in law was going to take them to the vet. They had an appt at 4. I had class this morning, but said I would come over afterwards and sit with them. I got there around 9:30 am and stayed til 1:30 pm. I fed them, played with them, let them lay on me.. they are just precious. Anyway, later on in the day, my mother in law came to take them to the vet, but the third and unhealthiest dog was gone. She took the other two to the vet and they had their shots, got antibiotics for worms and are going to get better. They are on a high protein diet with lots of rice so they can get to feeling better. We searched today for a long time for the third dog, but she never came back. So sad.. she was the one I wanted to live. All dogs go to heaven...part 3.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Mad

So, yeah I mentioned that running thing I was taking on...Well I hate it. If I knew my mother didn't read this, I may let out a string of cuss words to express my hatred for it. Ok, so it's not that bad. This is week three. I haven't done so well. The routine changed up a bit and threw me for a loop. Instead of running, 90 seconds.. I had to run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes. That's right, 3 minutes. That's a long time people. You actually only have to do it 2x, but I couldn't make it 2nd time. I ran maybe 1 minute of it. I better shape up or ship out I suppose. Shout to Randi Kale King. I saw her checking the mail, but I couldn't run fast enough to get there to say hey... so hey now. I also didn't have enough energy to flail my arm in the air for an attempted wave... I couldn't even yell hello cause I would never recover my breathing! I am pathetic.

Oh yeah, some exciting news. I am finished with BIOLOGY! If you refer back to a previous post where I discussed my disgust with Biology.. you will understand how thrilled I am about this accomplishment. I even came out of the class with a B!! I even failed the last test and the final and still made a B!! Now, that's what I am talking about. I had to make at least a 34 on the final to have a B! I made a 58.. still an F and I don't even care! If you know me, I am pretty anal retentive about grades, so this is a big deal for me NOT to care. I got an A in lab too which makes things even better.

Josh is going out of town this weekend.. for a man trip.. to do man things.. with his man friends. Whatever that consist of! Im pretty pumped I get to do whatever I want. Think I will put clean sheets on the bed, soak in the tub, paint my toes, watch a movie, better yet... watch Sex and The City!!!! MMMM, I can already tell this is gonna be a good weekend.

I do have to attend Dan's shower Saturday night, which by the way, Claire is not coming too cause she is a piece of crap bridesmaid. She hasn't come to anything. You suck CLAIRE! Saranne's not coming either, but she at least made it to her shower the other weekend.
I'll post pics of that fo sho!

Ok, must take a bath to head to class... boo. I will be glad when school is over.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

I may be smarter, but that doesn't mean I'm not scared of them. Tomorrow, I have to speak to a bunch of 5th graders about the water cycle. It's not that I am petrified of the 5th graders. I am really scared of the other adults standing around listening to me. What if I don't have a clue about what I am talking about or I can't speak or even worse.. I spit out a few cuss words in the middle of it.
I have printed out several articles to use as a discussion for it.. so hopefully I can get on a 5th grade level and maybe even get a smile or two out of these kids. Wish me luck, cause I am literally scared to death.. probably won't be able to sleep tonight.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I hear the Lord doesn't give you more than you can handle... I think he's showing me now. I am paying attention Lord... I am paying attention...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Run Haley Run

Oooooh. I must say, I didn't give myself 4 days before I gave up on running. I am on week 2 already. I have only run a total of 4 times, but this is an accomplishment like no other!! I am so proud of myself. If I could take pics of myself while running, I would.. and I would post them! I did buy a watch today so I can stop carrying my mother's kitchen timer with me when I run. Although, I do pretty much feel like "I'm done" when I finish running. Did you get my funny? Anyway, so my watch is pretty fabulous and I enjoyed running with it today. Josh just got home and we are about to eat supper. Yeah, it's pretty much gonna be 10:30 pm when we eat.. but at least we are gonna eat. He's grilling shrimp and wings. I am whipping up some squash, english peas and this devine pasta salad with feta and balsamic! Can you tell I'm starved.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paint by numbers..

We be painting up a storm at my brothers house... getting the baby's room together. It's coming together nicely.. except for the fact that really dark brown paint doesn't work well.. you have to paint like a thousand times to get it to look right.. we are on coat number 2... Brother is working on the accent wall. Hope we finish by the time the kid arrives. I'll post pics of the mess we have made of the poor childs room.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 2

I started week 2. This week I should begin running 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes... but I'm not going to start it just yet. I am going to do another week 1, which is run 60 seconds and walk 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes.... just to be sure I can make it!!! I don't want to wear myself out. As much as I didn't want to run today, I did. I avoided it all day and decided when I got to my parents tonight I would run... well of course, it started to rain.. but it slacked up and I got my butt out there and started the week... so I just wanted to give myself a shout out!!! 

The Unsolved Mystery

Ok, I am beginning to think something is really murfed up here.. for almost a year I have been having this recurring problem and I have yet to find the culprit. Holes in shirts... I probably have thrown away at least 6 shirts and now have at least 4 in my closet that have holes in the shirt. The twist is, the holes are in the same spot... in all the shirts. Please explain this to me. The holes are in the front of the shirts where my pants are. I have checked all my pants, but I don't know where these holes are coming from. I am getting a little preturbed.. as I am having to constantly get rid of shirts. Yesterday, I had a shirt on and it had 3 holes.. all right beside each other.. good shirts, old shirts, new shirts, fugly shirts.. you name it.. they have holes in them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

And we're off

to New Orleans for a night of celebrate Ashlea's looming nuptuals!!! See ya when we get back, if we make it back!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swinging Bridge 5K

That's right.. Josh and I came up with a plan. I have a goal.. the Byram Swinging Bridge 5K July 11. That gives me plenty of time to work up to running a COMPLETE 5K!!! I am so pumped about it I can't see straight. I am about to get dressed to start Workout 2 of the 5K. Josh said, "Haley, just do the first 3 weeks and then we will go from there." You think he's doubting I am gonna make it til week 3? Sounded like it!!

Tomorrow is the adventures of my first paint job! Brother and I are going to paint the babies room since Stephanie has to work, has been having heart problems and shouldn't be around paint anyway. I will be sure to take my camera... cause only the Lord knows what kind of hot mess we are going to make of the room or ourselves.

I must stop procrastinating and get dressed....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Couch to 5k

So, I consumed a LIttle Ceasars pizza today for lunch. I chose the pizza route for lunch today, because number 1 my husband was at work and I knew I could dispose of the box in the apartment trash bin and he would never know I ate it. Reason 2 is because as I was pulling into my apartment complex, I saw the Pizza Hut van delivering and a Papa John's delivery car... I knew it was meant to be.  So, I left and drove to Little Ceasars and obtained my 5.94 pepperoni pizza and a 20 0z Mountain Dew. So, I go home and plop down on the couch for a little HGTV. Then, I fell asleep. So, now I have consumed pretty much a whole pizza, a 20 oz MD and now a nap. Way to go Haley. Way to be on top of your life. I slept for about an hour and a half.. woke up... ate some more pizza. I spend the night with my parents on Monday nights because I have school in Raymond on Tuesday mornings... so I gather all of my things, clean up and ball out. I stop by the trash can and throw away all the trash and then bebop on outta there towards Byram. After my delightful drive to B-town, with the sunroof open and the music loud... I about swerved off the road when I realized.... GASP... I left the pizza box on the coffee table. I didn't throw it away with the trash. My husband will now see it and will know I ALONE at almost a whole pizza. OH LORD, do I turn around? I can't... What do I do? No one has a house key. If BFF would have had one, I would have made her leave work and head over there to dispose of the evidence. 

Well, I ended up confessing to Josh, I left the pizza box out. He asked me if there was any pizza left.. my mumble of a response was, 2 pieces. He didn't say anything... EXCEPT, "Remember, you gotta get in that bathing suit in May."  You are right, I know.... So after that brick hit me in the face, I decided to do something I have always wanted to do. RUN A 5K. My husband is a runner... he runs daily like 4 miles. My fat butt sits around and eats pizza. Anyway, so I started today. Today was Day 1!!!! I accomplished it. But I am posting this so I will read it and then remind myself.. I can't disappoint my readers. I must keep going!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Take a bath.. wash yourself

Riley loves her GiGi. She gets to do whatever she wants when she comes over. Well, her favorite pastime is coloring. She will make one mark on the page and then move onto the next page. The pages weren't enough, so she moved onto her legs and arms. I had to take a pic when I came home to show her mother at a later date!!!!

Girl or Boy?

That question has haunted me for months.. dying to know whether my brother and sister in law were having a boy or girl. Yesterday, the day arrived. I didn't want to know though. I was so sad the suspense of having to wait was over. I also wanted them to tell me in person. When they got there, I still didn't want them to tell me. I was excited either way... but I just wanted to torture myself a little longer....I guessed it was a girl. I knew they wanted a boy and they had already picked out a name and all that jazz.. so I was afraid they had jinxed it. Well, guess what? I was wrong. They are having a boy! I am so excited. I absolutely cannot wait to meet him. He is going to be precious. The most precious thing ever. I pray for him every night. I pray for his momma and daddy and his big sister. I am going to be an aunt!!!!

NO she didn't

So, we went to Memphis to ring in the New Year with D, BFF, Ash and Dan. Good times were had by all, even me anxiety ridden and all!! i actually did really good. So good, we are going to Memphis this upcoming weekend!!

I attempted to act like I was 20 again. I asked Dan to buy us a drink. I meant like a crown and coke or some adult beverage of that sort. Instead, he comes back with irish car bombs. So, I handled it like the 26 year old I am. I took it like a champ...then died. Thanks Dan!

To top off the night, there was this nice girl who decided to go barefoot in the bar. No she didn't.... Why would she? She did. I had to take a pic. Sorry it's not better, but the irish car bomb was doing the focusing here. If you haven't noticed, she has a friend who wore pants just like her. Too bad the friend looked like crap in the pants. At least she didn't take off her shoes though. Way to go girl. Way to use your brain.

My worst nightmare revealed

I hate you biology and I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW. You torture me all week with your chromatin and chloroplast. I don't care about how you get your air, whether it's cell respiration or anaroebic. You make me cringe with just the thought of you. I don't care if you are prokaryotic or eukaryotic. So what if you have a nucleus and your transported. I wish you knew how I despised you. I wish you could be me for a day. I wish you only knew just how much grief you cause me. I don't care if I ever see you again.


not sure why BFF is cutting MB

All my friends have new houses. BFF has a new house she is finishing up and MB alreadey moved in to her house. We went for a little visit. D and BFF went to check out their microwave. I went to see the new setup!! Im so excited for everyone and their houses.. but I am jealous. I want a house.

Bake me a cake as fast as you can

haywee and riwee making cupcakes

Aunt Haywee loves Neice Riwee. We always have a good time playing. On this particular night, we decided to make cupcakes since there was a party at her house the next day for her family. We got out all the mix and started our journey. I did most of the work if you can't tell. She did most of the eating. Oh, we enjoyed raw cake dough.. yes it had eggs in it and she didn't get salmonella. I never did, so I figured we were good to go. Then, we moved on to the icing. We made homeade icing with shortening and powdered sugar. I let her stick her finger in the bowl, eat it off the mixer and lick it off the spatula. She even licked a hunk of powdered sugar off my hand. She was cracked out and I went home!!!! She was so cracked out, she woke up, climbed out of bed and opened all the birthday presents for the next day. (oh wasn't her birthday) Glad I went home!!! :)

You made your bed... now lay in it

As most of you know, we live with our in-laws. Their dog died awhile back and they live in the country, so they decided to get a new "guard" dog. I'm not exactly sure if that's the right term to use with him. I would say overly large puppy would fit him a little better. So far, he has eaten the door frame practically off the hinges because he was scared of being outside ALONE. He eats everything, tin cans, potting soil, actual plants in pots, shoes, beer cans, beer bottles, wood, animal carcasses, coolers, you get the point here. Well, it was storming the other night and we felt really awful about leaving him outside in the rain. We were only going to be gone 2-3 hours at the most. He sleeps inside at night and he had been outside all day, so we assumed he would rest comfortably inside knowing he was dry and warm! NOT THE CASE, we came back to find he had destroyed the bed he sleeps in every night. WTF dog?? Why would you tear up your $200 bed??

We walk a little further to discover he removed the trash can from under the desk and attempted to rummage through it. There was nothing worth anything in the trash, so he ate the rug. Wow, way to go Poley.

Bless his soul, he was really sad about his bed. When he was ready to go to bed, he just keep looking at it and then looking at us... basically asking us to fix it. I just put all the stuffing back on it and didn't really clean it up. He would go over there for a sniff or two...then he started pawing it.. trying to put it back together. I really felt sorry for him, but I couldn't help but laugh. He finally realized we weren't going to do anything. So, he got in it and went night night. We made him suffer for a week or two. He now has a new bed... a $15 dollar bed thats leopard print! He's gonna be gay!