Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't drink the water or you will get married!

Me, Jess, Saranne and Emma
Al my friends are getting hitched!! I am so excited for them! My really good friend Jessica from highschool is getting married June 6th! We are twins....not really, but in 10th and 11th grade, we accidentally had everything alike.. it was crazy. We had every single class together, we had assigned parking spots by each other, we drove the same color car, we had the same color folders for our classes, we had a bunch of other stuff alike too, but I can't remember. Anyway, then something happened (I don't know what or I would insert it here) and we weren't really friends. We probably didn't talk at all through our whole college careers. Then, in 2005 all the highschool gals were all home for summer... and we pretty much hung out every thursday and friday night. Now, we are all back together again.. like we never went to college and didn't speak to one another!! I love friends.. anyway, I am a bridesmaid and we are gearing up for her wedding. We just had a shower for her at my mom and dads house. The only bad thing, I think this is the only picture I have. Terrible.

Dan and Ashlea
Now, Dan and Ashlea.. well they are a whole other story. Dan decided he wanted to date Ashlea... so they date and we are sorta kinda friends. They come to a wedding shower of mine and the wedding and we become so so friends.. then Dan dumps her out of the middle of nowhere.. cause he sucks.. Well, BFF and I decided we like Ashlea and we wanted to keep her and not Dan, so we did. We did put up with a lot of whining from Ashlea about how she and Dan were supposed to be together forever and blah blah blah. We thought she was crazy.. turns out she was right.. and Dan finally decided he couldn't stand being without Ashlea and now they are engaged and i'm in their wedding too!! Ashlea and I have become really good friends over the last few years.. and I love her to death. She's spastic, anal (even more than me), wakes up way too early, is a total klutz and I love her to death!!

JenBenHoboski, me, Ashlea

JenBen is a third story. JenBen has been dating a good friend of mine from highschool.. Josh Hobock. They have been together for like 10 years or something.. ok not that long, but you get the point here. Anyway, so I have become friends with the future Mrs. JenBenHoboski!! I am enjoying getting to know her. She's so fun to be around. Anyway, so Hobock finally proposed and we have another wedding to plan!!! Good grief guys, stop getting married!! I can't keep up.

Worst case scenario

Meet Sticks and Bones

This is the worst story ever. Josh and I pulled up to his parents house to celebrate Mother's day and we came across these two random dogs. Well, there are actually three, but the third one was down at the pond with Josh's cousin. Here is the story of how these pups came about... My grandpaw in law was coming to my in-laws for Mother's Day supper. He passed a dog that seemed extremely malnourished. He got to my in-laws house and told my MIL about the dog he saw. She loves animals and they decided to go back and get the dog. Well, they get there and this sweet little thing has a brother and a sister that come walking out. All 3 have been starving to death.. literally. They are skin and bones and nothing else. When Josh and I arrive, we only see two.. everyone kept telling us, the third one was much worse. This is the worst I have ever seen any dogs.

Do you see all their bones?
So skinny and this one had a piece of ear missing.

This is the third dog... can you believe this??

This is the worst thing I have ever seen... If she lived, I was going to name her Lucky.
So, the story goes like this.. they are the sweetest dogs ever. They are kind, love people, love touch, love food, and are really sweet! Today, my mother in law was going to take them to the vet. They had an appt at 4. I had class this morning, but said I would come over afterwards and sit with them. I got there around 9:30 am and stayed til 1:30 pm. I fed them, played with them, let them lay on me.. they are just precious. Anyway, later on in the day, my mother in law came to take them to the vet, but the third and unhealthiest dog was gone. She took the other two to the vet and they had their shots, got antibiotics for worms and are going to get better. They are on a high protein diet with lots of rice so they can get to feeling better. We searched today for a long time for the third dog, but she never came back. So sad.. she was the one I wanted to live. All dogs go to heaven...part 3.

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