Friday, February 27, 2009

Take a bath.. wash yourself

Riley loves her GiGi. She gets to do whatever she wants when she comes over. Well, her favorite pastime is coloring. She will make one mark on the page and then move onto the next page. The pages weren't enough, so she moved onto her legs and arms. I had to take a pic when I came home to show her mother at a later date!!!!

Girl or Boy?

That question has haunted me for months.. dying to know whether my brother and sister in law were having a boy or girl. Yesterday, the day arrived. I didn't want to know though. I was so sad the suspense of having to wait was over. I also wanted them to tell me in person. When they got there, I still didn't want them to tell me. I was excited either way... but I just wanted to torture myself a little longer....I guessed it was a girl. I knew they wanted a boy and they had already picked out a name and all that jazz.. so I was afraid they had jinxed it. Well, guess what? I was wrong. They are having a boy! I am so excited. I absolutely cannot wait to meet him. He is going to be precious. The most precious thing ever. I pray for him every night. I pray for his momma and daddy and his big sister. I am going to be an aunt!!!!

NO she didn't

So, we went to Memphis to ring in the New Year with D, BFF, Ash and Dan. Good times were had by all, even me anxiety ridden and all!! i actually did really good. So good, we are going to Memphis this upcoming weekend!!

I attempted to act like I was 20 again. I asked Dan to buy us a drink. I meant like a crown and coke or some adult beverage of that sort. Instead, he comes back with irish car bombs. So, I handled it like the 26 year old I am. I took it like a champ...then died. Thanks Dan!

To top off the night, there was this nice girl who decided to go barefoot in the bar. No she didn't.... Why would she? She did. I had to take a pic. Sorry it's not better, but the irish car bomb was doing the focusing here. If you haven't noticed, she has a friend who wore pants just like her. Too bad the friend looked like crap in the pants. At least she didn't take off her shoes though. Way to go girl. Way to use your brain.

My worst nightmare revealed

I hate you biology and I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW. You torture me all week with your chromatin and chloroplast. I don't care about how you get your air, whether it's cell respiration or anaroebic. You make me cringe with just the thought of you. I don't care if you are prokaryotic or eukaryotic. So what if you have a nucleus and your transported. I wish you knew how I despised you. I wish you could be me for a day. I wish you only knew just how much grief you cause me. I don't care if I ever see you again.


not sure why BFF is cutting MB

All my friends have new houses. BFF has a new house she is finishing up and MB alreadey moved in to her house. We went for a little visit. D and BFF went to check out their microwave. I went to see the new setup!! Im so excited for everyone and their houses.. but I am jealous. I want a house.

Bake me a cake as fast as you can

haywee and riwee making cupcakes

Aunt Haywee loves Neice Riwee. We always have a good time playing. On this particular night, we decided to make cupcakes since there was a party at her house the next day for her family. We got out all the mix and started our journey. I did most of the work if you can't tell. She did most of the eating. Oh, we enjoyed raw cake dough.. yes it had eggs in it and she didn't get salmonella. I never did, so I figured we were good to go. Then, we moved on to the icing. We made homeade icing with shortening and powdered sugar. I let her stick her finger in the bowl, eat it off the mixer and lick it off the spatula. She even licked a hunk of powdered sugar off my hand. She was cracked out and I went home!!!! She was so cracked out, she woke up, climbed out of bed and opened all the birthday presents for the next day. (oh wasn't her birthday) Glad I went home!!! :)

You made your bed... now lay in it

As most of you know, we live with our in-laws. Their dog died awhile back and they live in the country, so they decided to get a new "guard" dog. I'm not exactly sure if that's the right term to use with him. I would say overly large puppy would fit him a little better. So far, he has eaten the door frame practically off the hinges because he was scared of being outside ALONE. He eats everything, tin cans, potting soil, actual plants in pots, shoes, beer cans, beer bottles, wood, animal carcasses, coolers, you get the point here. Well, it was storming the other night and we felt really awful about leaving him outside in the rain. We were only going to be gone 2-3 hours at the most. He sleeps inside at night and he had been outside all day, so we assumed he would rest comfortably inside knowing he was dry and warm! NOT THE CASE, we came back to find he had destroyed the bed he sleeps in every night. WTF dog?? Why would you tear up your $200 bed??

We walk a little further to discover he removed the trash can from under the desk and attempted to rummage through it. There was nothing worth anything in the trash, so he ate the rug. Wow, way to go Poley.

Bless his soul, he was really sad about his bed. When he was ready to go to bed, he just keep looking at it and then looking at us... basically asking us to fix it. I just put all the stuffing back on it and didn't really clean it up. He would go over there for a sniff or two...then he started pawing it.. trying to put it back together. I really felt sorry for him, but I couldn't help but laugh. He finally realized we weren't going to do anything. So, he got in it and went night night. We made him suffer for a week or two. He now has a new bed... a $15 dollar bed thats leopard print! He's gonna be gay!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling a bit neglected...

Heavens to Betsy.

Everything in my life has been neglected... except for school. Things have been quite busy with me. School is literally killing me. I fell off the deep end and had to get back on my meds.... cause school was stressing me out. My gpaw had a heart attack and my dad had to go to Louisiana and take care of him. My husband bought a boat.. a fishing boat that will never be used by me. I don't do fishing. I had my dental hygiene school interview... so I am stressing about whether I will get in. I wore nice jeans to the interview and have been crucified by everyone.. so if I don't get in.. I blame it on the jeans. Eraj was in town for 2 weeks so I hung with her some. Still living with the in-laws.. haven't decided on a place to live just yet... Just been busy and neglected everything in life.. so I am trying to get back on the bandwagon.. Trying to get everything together and get on TASK!!!! Bring it...