Friday, February 27, 2009

NO she didn't

So, we went to Memphis to ring in the New Year with D, BFF, Ash and Dan. Good times were had by all, even me anxiety ridden and all!! i actually did really good. So good, we are going to Memphis this upcoming weekend!!

I attempted to act like I was 20 again. I asked Dan to buy us a drink. I meant like a crown and coke or some adult beverage of that sort. Instead, he comes back with irish car bombs. So, I handled it like the 26 year old I am. I took it like a champ...then died. Thanks Dan!

To top off the night, there was this nice girl who decided to go barefoot in the bar. No she didn't.... Why would she? She did. I had to take a pic. Sorry it's not better, but the irish car bomb was doing the focusing here. If you haven't noticed, she has a friend who wore pants just like her. Too bad the friend looked like crap in the pants. At least she didn't take off her shoes though. Way to go girl. Way to use your brain.

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