Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miss Piggy

This is the post I tried making when I found out Josh's uncle had taken his life.

I was reading BFF's blog and realized, I too, have long forgotten about my blog. I have been so busy with school. We are having finals this week and I think my teachers want me to jump of the "back porch." As you can tell I haven't, but I have been tempted.

Now, on to Miss Piggy. Our niece celebrated her 2nd birthday last weekend. Tiffany suggested we make her birthday cake as a way to cut cost!! I thought it was a splendid idea. I was not to confident with my cake baking abilities as I have only been to 3 cake classes. I wouldn't categorize myself as an expert or a "natural." So, I decided we must have a practice run.. only 20 bucks at the grocery store to make a PRACTICE cake that only I devoured like the fat kid I am.

So, anyway, I get over to Ben and Tiffs around 8 on Friday night to make the real cake. I immediately get started. Things are going great. We have made the cakes, let them cool, leveled and stacked them, AND iced them. We accomplished all that in 2 hours. I am thinking I am the Sorry I had to throw that in there!! After all this is when I think things started to go down hill. Somehow or another, it was 4:30 AM when we finished that stupid cake. I was delerious. Miss Piggy didn't get any real legs b/c her ears and sides took forever, literally. Anyway, so here is my creation. I must say, it's a pretty good-looking cake for a first time pig cake maker.

Also, make note. I am now obsessed with donkeys. I heard one a few weeks ago and I love it.