Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 Days In...

18 days into the new year.. and how's it going on the resolutions.

1. figure out why i sleep all the time. I am going to the doctor Jan 19 and that's one of my questions for her. I was off today and what did i do? you guessed it. slept

2. watching my foul language.. it's getting better. Rome wasn't built in a day people. Babies crawl before they walk. I am still trying though. I am making a concious effort.

3. to run a 5k.. i have been riding my bike... does that count. I am still going to the doctors appt tomorrow morning to see if i can... so hush. I signed up for a 5k January 29.. but I am walking that bad boy!

4. to get my house super organized. I am doing good. I still need to paint and finish a few projects, clean out the guest bedroom...etc.

5. to become a better wife. I am reading a book called "the power of a praying wife" i am really trying to NOT change my husband.. but pray about everything.

6. go to church more often. well, that one is not going so well. It's the easiest one. Get up on Sunday and go. How hard is that. Well this weekend.. i have board review Fri. Sat and Sun... so that counts me out. I think on the 30th.. if I'm not dead from the 5k walk I am doing Saturday.. then I am going.

7. lose 30 lbs. Well, I am on Weight Watchers. The first week I gained 1.4 lbs.. so I was depressed about it. I ate popsicles, cookie dough, pizza, brownies, etc. Week 2 won't be good either. I gotta get back on the bandwagon