Saturday, October 10, 2009


My NYC friends came to Jackson.. I miss them...

This will only take a second

So, before I begin this story, let's remember, my husband said this would only take a second.

The hubs works an hour and ten minutes away, so we never get to grab lunch or hang out, but he had Thursday off! I was so glad we were actually going to spend some time together. We had Tiffany's surprise birthday party that night that I had to get ready for, but we were going to hang out and do a couple of things before her party. So, we head to Newks for lunch. I even took a picture of hubs for proof that we did eat lunch together! Isn't he cute here?

hubs eating lunch

So, then he informs me we "have to go to his deer camp for a second" to take this deer stand down. It won't take long he promises. Make note, I still have to get ready for this party... like pick up the cake, get some decorations, etc... not just show up to the party. So, we head to his parents house... where we have to hook up the trailer, air the tires in the 4-wheeler, load the 4-wheeler, go to Norman's house to get the ladder and drive to deercamp. We arrive at the deercamp to take down the deerstand because they are clear cutting the land. As most of you know, I am a tree hugging hippie. I love the world. So, I almost cry and stop to take a picture of the trees they are going to cut down.

Sad about the trees :(

We unload the 4-wheeler and the ladder to ride to our deerstand destination. We get off the 4-wheeler, walk about 50 yards to the tree.. and I'm thinking.. this is gonna take a second. Look at the pic below.. that's not gonna take a second to move.. more like days.

This is the stand, please make note of how tall it is compared to the hubs.
So, a lot of manual labor goes into this move. We have to set up the ladder, climb it, unhinge the binders (or something like that) and attempt to slide this stand down on the tree... we can't let it fall and if we did.. i was instructed to RUN. So needless to say, we get it down safe. Well, remember how I told you we had to walk 50 yards to the stand.. NOW we have to carry the damn thing back to the 4 wheeler.... BUT before we carry it there, we have to take it apart. JUST FABULOUS!
So, we take it apart.. carry it back to the 4-wheeler.. two trips cause we took it apart. THEN, as we are loading it up on the 4-wheeler..HUBS informs me he lost one of the bindings (or whatever it is). How in the world are we supposed to find a binding (or whatever it is) when it matches the freaking ground. By this time, I am sweating profusely. Sweat is dripping in places I didn't know it could drip in. We find the binding (or whatever it is).. then the hubs informs me there is no room on the 4-wheeler for me. He will come back in a minute to pick me up since he his carrying the big part of the deerstand. WELL HELL NO. I am not staying in these woods all alone for even a second.. so you best believe I piled my big butt on the front of the 4-wheeler and off we went.
So now, we come to this huge waterhole..since it was only going to take a second, I am not dressed in "deercamp" appropriate clothing. So, I have to hop off and let him LEAVE ME ALONE in the woods.

This wasn't a puddle I could just walk through or jump over.
SO, I get off the 4-wheeler and wait.. patiently...ALONE.. in the woods.. with noises and bugs and you get the picture. I found a flower to keep me company.. so I took a picture of it.

Long story longer, it took 3 hours and I had to book it to get back, get dressed, get the cake, get the decorations and get to the party.. all before the surprise guest arrived. WHEW!

Take a Bath, Wash Yourself

So, I totally babysat the nephew and he didn't die or leave with anything he didn't come with!!! Look at him as BFF and I gave him a bath. I gave him a mohawk, but you can't really see it. I tell you what. He looks just like my brother. I love little Ryker man!

Run Over

Polar got run over.. He was laying under the tire of a man's truck (who shall remain nameless) and he accidentally ran over him. He is doing much better.. but bless his little head.

So many things

I wanna say and post and show.. but I just can't get it together. Life, get together so I can get back to blogging.