Friday, August 29, 2008


I know I have been horrible about keeping my 2 readers up to date, but I cannot even tell you how busy I have been. Josh was offered a job in Philadelphia, MS in July. We debated, debated and debated some more and we finally decided to move back to our home state. It's been so crazy since we made the decision. We picked a really bad time to move. We made the decision in late July and put in our two weeks notice. The day after our notices were final, we went on vacation to Vegas for a week. We came back on Saturday, I drove to Mississippi on Sunday and started school on Monday. CRAZY! I started school. One degree just wasn't enough.. I want to torture myself some more.  I started at the Rankin Hiney Ho to finish my prereqs for dental hygiene. I will hopefully get into UMC in the summer of 09 to start!!! I am really excited. 

Anyway, Josh and I are living with his parents until our house sells. You can check it out at  It is so cute... so if you know anyone in Royse City, Texas... send them to our house and tell them to buy it. 

Anyway, so I have been pretty busy with school.... Josh has started his new job. He really likes it. So far so good... so.. that's about it for now. I promise, I will try to do better and keep you updated. I PROMISE