Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cakes, Cupcakes and Icing

It's been so long since I have blessed you all with my high level writing skills. I have been unbelievably busy with my cake decorating class. I haven't officially mastered my cake decorating skills just yet, but believe me, I am working on it. I have mastered the art of icing consistency. I have whipped up so many cups of icing, like 15 to be exact. I think I bought Kroger out of powdered sugar and crisco. I had no idea icing could be so unruly. It made a mess of my kitchen. It was like a snow day in there...

After successfully making enough icing to fill my bathrub, I iced my cake. Then, I took it to class and we decorated it with a rainbow and clouds. I wrote Happy Birthday on it and an age (which I won't reveal) for my dear friend and co-worker Colleen and then we helped her celebrate in style.

For this week, it's cupcakes with clowns on them! How fun! I can't wait. Maye one day, I will seriously post pictures. Until then people, just use the imagination!! (*update: I finally put the pics up.)

Monday, July 7, 2008

MONDAYS just plain SUCK

Too much work, too little time and not enough laughter. I just wanna whine. I have a headache and think my head may explode right off my neck. I'm hot and have to pee.

Good thing The Bachelorette comes on tonight.. otherwise who knows what would happen. We (Kati, Karen and myself) have decided if Deanna picks Jesse we are gonna cry and call in to work tomorrow so we can be forlorn all day.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heads up to the ER, I am probably coming sooner rather than later

So far this week, I have run into the couch and scraped my hand enough to bleed. Jenni says it's because I accidentally stole a plant waterer thingy from Wal-Mart. I didn't mean to take it. It was hiding in the top portion of my buggy covered by my overly large purse and lunch bag(I didn't want my lunch to go bad sitting in the HOT car)

Now, I have gained so much weight, my wedding rings are tight on my fingers. When I try to take them off, they cut my finger, so that's a plus. I am really excited about the weight and the cut fingers.

I also rammed my finger into the car this morning and thought I broke it. I almost started to cry, but I really didn't have time for all that... so I sucked it up and got over it. It still hurts though.

Then, I tripped the other day and stubbed my toe while at work. It's a common occurrence to hear me say, "I can't walk." It's also a true statement I have decided.

Last but not least, my toe is healing from where I dropped this toilet paper holder on it. I did cry about this. It was bleeding all over the place. I seriously thought I cut my tendon. I still have a scab on it. Neosporin is coming in handy.

So, in about 7 days, I have managed to almost kill myself several times. Who knows what the rest of the week brings... but I say "BRING IT."