Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can someone please explain

why I fall asleep at work?
Really, it's getting ridiculous. I go to bed early, that doesn't help. I drink caffeinated tea while at work, that doesn't help. I take iron pills, nope, that doesn't work either. I even take quick naps in the bathroom and it NEVER seems to help me stay awake.
I always seem to wake up right before the 5 pm. Then I am pumped and ready to save the world.
It was so bad today, one of my co-workers asked me a question and I literally fell asleep in the middle of answering it. She then proceeded to ask me, "Are you gonna take a nap right now?"
Yeah, pretty much....

So, now I blog about falling asleep at work in an attempt to stay awake. SAD..people... real sad.

Back to work...

Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, I am not one for promoting music by any means. I'm not a real music junkie, like my friends Steve Little and Bethany Horne, but I love this guy. His name is Freddy. www.thefreddy.com (not to mention he's HOT) I love his music, especially Defy Gravity!!!!
Anyway, he has an "amazing" story and he drove from Pennsylvania to Dallas to play on the radio this morning. They called it the "Freddy Needs Gas tour'" He would play at different stops on his way to Dallas and people would give him gas money.

Read his story at www.kiddlive.com/freddy

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So, I decided the other day I would start a blog. I read Trey (http://www.chd3.blogspot.com/) and DK's (http://www.ailie-calhoun.tumblr.com) pretty regularly. I love reading them. They make me laugh. So I pondered for awhile to decide if "blogging" was really meant for me. The end result looks like it's gonna be a yeah until I get tired of it. ..which really may not be too far from now. I am one for loving the idea of something, but really initiating it and keeping it up.. not my thing.

So here goes.. the blogging days of Haley Windham have begun.