Monday, July 5, 2010

THE Purse

One random day, I was tagged to tell what was in my purse.. well that was a while back.. but here are the contents of the bag on that day... Here she is... she's not pink, she's more coral and she holds a good bit..
The main contents consists of:
1. My wallet - it's all about the benjamin's baby
2. Keys - they get me from point A to point B
3. sunglesses - I gotta sport the stunna shades
4. My green bag - cause if you dont'already know, I hug trees
5. My wedding rings - I better put those on..
6. an owl necklace and some earrings - the earrings broke
7. lip gloss - just in case there is need to pucker up
8. my weight watchers calculator - yeah, im using it now.. gonna shed those pounds jillian
9. calendar - how do i live without this thing?

10. some facewash I bought (that ended up breaking my face out like a 15 yr old)
11. some ointment - for my murfed up finger (eczema)
12. mascara that was purchased with that awful facewash
13. lipstick - just in case i don't want that funky gloss
14. bare minerals in a puff brush so I can hide those 15 year old zits
This bag in my bag is like my everything..
15. hairbrush - in case i need to get after my "knap"
16. lady events holder -for tampons
17. kleenexs - for sad events
18. immodium - i have a murfed up stomach
19. zantac - in case of heartburn ( im beginning to sound like an old lady)
20. perfume - in case i stink
21.rolaids - for heartburn
22.neosporin - im always getting bo bo's
23. floss - for the obvious reasons (im in dental hygiene school)
24. comb - for others
25. crest- in case i need to brush
26. klonapin - for when i freak the hell out
27. antibacterial - for those nasty places..
So, my bag makes it seem like I'm vain. If you know me, you know I'm not vain... or even remotely close to it. I am, however, ANAL ALLIE.. and I feel the need to have everything "JUST IN CASE."