Sunday, March 21, 2010

Curtains Galore

My very talented mother is making BFF curtains for her house. They are fabulous. I am so mad that I bought curtains from the store, I just want to take mine down and burn them. UGHH! One day, when I have a house, I will have curtains made from fabulous fabric that I pick out! I am so jealous of BFF's curtains. However, I kept my jealousy to a minimum when she asked me to help hang the brackets. I am by no means, the best curtain rod hanger.. but I did try my darndest. I only have two pictures, but don't worry.. there will be more. I am going to her house today to take pics.

Yep, there is no MAN job that I can't handle. I do it all!! I mow, weedeat, use power tools, saw, etc.
Here is the end result for the living room window. I didn't get the measurements exact, so the curtains hang a little more on the floor than BFF would like.. so she is going to move the rods up a little bit. (I probably won't get invited over for that job, since I screwed it up)

Here is the living room. Aren't you jealous? I AM!

Mossy Balls

Can you believe I have 
 1. made more than one post in a week?  
2. actually have 2 crafty projects going on?
3. actually took pictures to document these events?
 I totally think it's because I am on spring break. Nonetheless, I am really proud of myself.. BUTTTTTTT today is Sunday and that means, school is back tomorrow... and crafts, blogs and what nots shall be forgotten.
Anyway, on to my craftiness....I have had this little piece of decor for oh, for about 8 years or so. (it's a candle holder)

For 8 years, I have searched for the most perfect candle to fit inside the little holes. These said candles, DO NOT EXIST. I have purchased many a candle... even gone so far as to shave the bottoms off the candle and force them inside the holder. Nope.. nothing works. So, BFF found the below crafty idea on someone's blog (I don't remember who) and I decided I would try it in the candle holders. IT'S PERFECT!!!!!! I love it!

So, I searched endlessly for the perfect little styrofoam ball. (Fads and Frames for 79 cents a piece)

Then, I bought a bag of moss at Michaels for 4.99

I also bought some push pins from Micheals. I think they were like 3 bucks. (You could totally get them at Wal-Mart for cheaper, but I was not down with driving to Wal-Mart when they were right in front of my face at Michaels) You basically just push pin the moss into the styrofoam ball. Make note, I used the larger pins, not the sissy small ones. DON'T BUY SPRAY ADHESIVE.. it doesn't work. I tried it. It sticks to everything but the ball and moss.

You can kinda see the pin in the picture. There is no method to this madness... you just start sticking in pins.  I didn't pin any moss into the bottom of the balls because I was afraid they wouldn't fit in the holder.. so the bottoms are kinda naked.
I put them in the little holder and they are absolutely FABULOUS!!!!
 They are so cute finished. I LOVE THEM!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Crafty with it

So, as I promised.... pictures of my craftiness. Make note, these crafts are a work in progress and none are actually finished yet... Rome wasn't built in a day folks. Also make note, I don't have any before pictures... I'm not a before kinda girl!
I started out hand sanding the damn thing... and that was just awful.. so I went to my parents house and broke out my dads sander. I would like to know how old this thing is. It had a trigger... you plugged it in and pushed the trigger. I made my mom take a pic of my craftiness!!!

This is after my hellofa awesome sanding job. I got after it with a dremmel too. If you don't know what a dremmell is.. look it up. I didn't either... until my cousin introduced me to my new BFF. I sanded this thing for days probably. There were at least 82 layers of paint. I started taping it off..most boring part ever.
Then I whipped out the trusty dusty spray paint!! I love spray paint. I can just go to town without a brush!! I am using this spray paint for another project I am working on. Can you believe I am working on more than one project. I think the world is coming to an end.

Then, I spray painted this mug like it was going out of style. (until I ran out of spray paint) Thank the Lord I live like 1.7 miles from Wal-Mart.. cause tonight, I am making a trip. I will finish this thing before Spring Break 10 ends.  So, that's as far as I have gotten. It's now laying in the doorway... waiting for my trip to Wal-Mart and daylight so I can start over!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holy crap!

Day 2 of productivity and creativity!!! I am on a freaking roll people.

Hang on to your horses....

I am being crafty... pictures to come!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

From Innis to Vicksburg

So, about 2 weeks ago Josh and I promised my grandparents we would come for a visit! Well, we loaded up and headed to Innis, Louisiana. (good luck finding that on a map)
Josh, PawPaw, MawMaw and Me

We really had a good time. We always do. My grandparents are so awesome. They are 86 and 84!!! My MawMaw knows how to e-mail! My PawPaw isn't the e-mailer, but he loves to sing and watch Big Joe Polka!! My PawPaw also loves to talk...I mean a lot! He loves to tells stories.. over and over and over again! Josh will just sit and listen and laugh!! Anyway, here is a pic of him after he insisted on cooking my breakfast!! He made eggs, toast and bacon!! It was soo good! 
PawPaw frying some bacon!

Anyway, after we balled out of Innis, we headed to meet our friends from Texas that had been in MS all weekend.. We were going to meet at Rusty's in Vicksburg and grab some lunch.. but Rusty's was closed and we ended up at the Biscuit Company.. umm.. it was a nice meal!

Wes, Leeann, Haley and Josh