Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Crafty with it

So, as I promised.... pictures of my craftiness. Make note, these crafts are a work in progress and none are actually finished yet... Rome wasn't built in a day folks. Also make note, I don't have any before pictures... I'm not a before kinda girl!
I started out hand sanding the damn thing... and that was just awful.. so I went to my parents house and broke out my dads sander. I would like to know how old this thing is. It had a trigger... you plugged it in and pushed the trigger. I made my mom take a pic of my craftiness!!!

This is after my hellofa awesome sanding job. I got after it with a dremmel too. If you don't know what a dremmell is.. look it up. I didn't either... until my cousin introduced me to my new BFF. I sanded this thing for days probably. There were at least 82 layers of paint. I started taping it off..most boring part ever.
Then I whipped out the trusty dusty spray paint!! I love spray paint. I can just go to town without a brush!! I am using this spray paint for another project I am working on. Can you believe I am working on more than one project. I think the world is coming to an end.

Then, I spray painted this mug like it was going out of style. (until I ran out of spray paint) Thank the Lord I live like 1.7 miles from Wal-Mart.. cause tonight, I am making a trip. I will finish this thing before Spring Break 10 ends.  So, that's as far as I have gotten. It's now laying in the doorway... waiting for my trip to Wal-Mart and daylight so I can start over!!

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