Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mossy Balls

Can you believe I have 
 1. made more than one post in a week?  
2. actually have 2 crafty projects going on?
3. actually took pictures to document these events?
 I totally think it's because I am on spring break. Nonetheless, I am really proud of myself.. BUTTTTTTT today is Sunday and that means, school is back tomorrow... and crafts, blogs and what nots shall be forgotten.
Anyway, on to my craftiness....I have had this little piece of decor for oh, for about 8 years or so. (it's a candle holder)

For 8 years, I have searched for the most perfect candle to fit inside the little holes. These said candles, DO NOT EXIST. I have purchased many a candle... even gone so far as to shave the bottoms off the candle and force them inside the holder. Nope.. nothing works. So, BFF found the below crafty idea on someone's blog (I don't remember who) and I decided I would try it in the candle holders. IT'S PERFECT!!!!!! I love it!

So, I searched endlessly for the perfect little styrofoam ball. (Fads and Frames for 79 cents a piece)

Then, I bought a bag of moss at Michaels for 4.99

I also bought some push pins from Micheals. I think they were like 3 bucks. (You could totally get them at Wal-Mart for cheaper, but I was not down with driving to Wal-Mart when they were right in front of my face at Michaels) You basically just push pin the moss into the styrofoam ball. Make note, I used the larger pins, not the sissy small ones. DON'T BUY SPRAY ADHESIVE.. it doesn't work. I tried it. It sticks to everything but the ball and moss.

You can kinda see the pin in the picture. There is no method to this madness... you just start sticking in pins.  I didn't pin any moss into the bottom of the balls because I was afraid they wouldn't fit in the holder.. so the bottoms are kinda naked.
I put them in the little holder and they are absolutely FABULOUS!!!!
 They are so cute finished. I LOVE THEM!!!

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