Monday, March 1, 2010

From Innis to Vicksburg

So, about 2 weeks ago Josh and I promised my grandparents we would come for a visit! Well, we loaded up and headed to Innis, Louisiana. (good luck finding that on a map)
Josh, PawPaw, MawMaw and Me

We really had a good time. We always do. My grandparents are so awesome. They are 86 and 84!!! My MawMaw knows how to e-mail! My PawPaw isn't the e-mailer, but he loves to sing and watch Big Joe Polka!! My PawPaw also loves to talk...I mean a lot! He loves to tells stories.. over and over and over again! Josh will just sit and listen and laugh!! Anyway, here is a pic of him after he insisted on cooking my breakfast!! He made eggs, toast and bacon!! It was soo good! 
PawPaw frying some bacon!

Anyway, after we balled out of Innis, we headed to meet our friends from Texas that had been in MS all weekend.. We were going to meet at Rusty's in Vicksburg and grab some lunch.. but Rusty's was closed and we ended up at the Biscuit Company.. umm.. it was a nice meal!

Wes, Leeann, Haley and Josh


Kati said...

Haley, I love your grandparents! They look fun :> Love the new blog design too and seeing your pretty face.

Nikki said...

Oh I LOVE The B. Co!!! :) We used to hang out there ALL THE TIMEE!!!!!!