Monday, May 11, 2009

Worst case scenario

Meet Sticks and Bones

This is the worst story ever. Josh and I pulled up to his parents house to celebrate Mother's day and we came across these two random dogs. Well, there are actually three, but the third one was down at the pond with Josh's cousin. Here is the story of how these pups came about... My grandpaw in law was coming to my in-laws for Mother's Day supper. He passed a dog that seemed extremely malnourished. He got to my in-laws house and told my MIL about the dog he saw. She loves animals and they decided to go back and get the dog. Well, they get there and this sweet little thing has a brother and a sister that come walking out. All 3 have been starving to death.. literally. They are skin and bones and nothing else. When Josh and I arrive, we only see two.. everyone kept telling us, the third one was much worse. This is the worst I have ever seen any dogs.

Do you see all their bones?
So skinny and this one had a piece of ear missing.

This is the third dog... can you believe this??

This is the worst thing I have ever seen... If she lived, I was going to name her Lucky.
So, the story goes like this.. they are the sweetest dogs ever. They are kind, love people, love touch, love food, and are really sweet! Today, my mother in law was going to take them to the vet. They had an appt at 4. I had class this morning, but said I would come over afterwards and sit with them. I got there around 9:30 am and stayed til 1:30 pm. I fed them, played with them, let them lay on me.. they are just precious. Anyway, later on in the day, my mother in law came to take them to the vet, but the third and unhealthiest dog was gone. She took the other two to the vet and they had their shots, got antibiotics for worms and are going to get better. They are on a high protein diet with lots of rice so they can get to feeling better. We searched today for a long time for the third dog, but she never came back. So sad.. she was the one I wanted to live. All dogs go to heaven...part 3.

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Madeline said...

We found a dog once that looked like the same breed as this one...he was extremely starved & a tiny puppy, so my ex's mom brought him home & we took him to the vet, etc & Cliff's boss ended up taking him in & taking care of him! It's so sad what people will do with dogs :(

Kati said...

you made me laugh...not about the dogs! just your ending there... love you!