Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Run Haley Run

Oooooh. I must say, I didn't give myself 4 days before I gave up on running. I am on week 2 already. I have only run a total of 4 times, but this is an accomplishment like no other!! I am so proud of myself. If I could take pics of myself while running, I would.. and I would post them! I did buy a watch today so I can stop carrying my mother's kitchen timer with me when I run. Although, I do pretty much feel like "I'm done" when I finish running. Did you get my funny? Anyway, so my watch is pretty fabulous and I enjoyed running with it today. Josh just got home and we are about to eat supper. Yeah, it's pretty much gonna be 10:30 pm when we eat.. but at least we are gonna eat. He's grilling shrimp and wings. I am whipping up some squash, english peas and this devine pasta salad with feta and balsamic! Can you tell I'm starved.

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