Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swinging Bridge 5K

That's right.. Josh and I came up with a plan. I have a goal.. the Byram Swinging Bridge 5K July 11. That gives me plenty of time to work up to running a COMPLETE 5K!!! I am so pumped about it I can't see straight. I am about to get dressed to start Workout 2 of the 5K. Josh said, "Haley, just do the first 3 weeks and then we will go from there." You think he's doubting I am gonna make it til week 3? Sounded like it!!

Tomorrow is the adventures of my first paint job! Brother and I are going to paint the babies room since Stephanie has to work, has been having heart problems and shouldn't be around paint anyway. I will be sure to take my camera... cause only the Lord knows what kind of hot mess we are going to make of the room or ourselves.

I must stop procrastinating and get dressed....

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Madeline said...

I'll be working it - so I'll give you a hard time if you don't show up! :)