Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coastin' to the Coast

So, the Windham clan decided to take a mini vacay... Well, it was a vacation for most of us. Tom (FIL) and Ben (BIL) had to actually do work.. but the rest of didn't. So, here is Tiffnee (as Ben calls her) and me after eating lunch at Schooners. Let me just say, there's not a wide variety of places to eat since Katrina made her debut almost 4 years ago. There are no pictures of the night before because we trusted Nelly the Navigator to take us to a place to eat.. but driving around with a 3 year old who is hungry for almost an hour and Nelly taking us to places destroyed by the hurricane.. pictures did not make it to the forefront of my mind.. eating did!!
When we went to Florida a few weeks ago and stayed with The Jones', they do this fabulous wine and cheese each night on the beach. Tiffany and I absolutely fell in love with the idea. Tiffany decided we would do it while we were on the coast.. so we found this awesome cheese place called Epicure and loaded up on some cheeses. Then we headed to a liquor store to stock up on some wine.. we had to keep the party indoors due to the impending rain.. but since we had an ocean view.. it seemed like we were on the beach!Riley wanted to participate, so we gave her some wine (apple juice) in her own little wine glass. She thought she was on top of the world.. *make note, she did down that apple juice rather quickly. I think her parents might want to be a bit concerned.

This is Josh and me after eating at Mary Mahoney's.. which by the way BLOWS. We have eaten there twice and it has pretty much sucked both times.

On the way home, it stormed, but in the end there was a double rainbow.. now that made my day!


Kati said...

Love the pictures of you and Josh! Ya'll are too cute.

Valerie Davis said...

HALEY!! you're posts are hilarious!! i'm so glad you've got a camera in commission now!!