Friday, July 10, 2009

It's BFF's Birthday.. like we didn't know!!

So, if you don't already know, BFF's birthday is like the biggest holiday of the year... no joke. She mostly just rambles on about her birthday, makes some ridiculously long wish list and then terrorizes the rest of the world about how it's her birthday! (Sorry BFF, just giving you grief)

So, for the annual event, since this is the first year I have actually lived here and been able to celebrate the momentous occassion.. I decided cupcakes were a must. So, being the Betty Crocker that I am, I whipped up some fab cupcakes with almond icing.. and if I must say so myself, they were delish! I had to give my cupcakes a shoutout!

Moving right along, if you don't know that Saranne and I married two friends from Rankin County, well now you know. They give us all kinds of grief because A. we are from Hinds County which is not nearly as cool as Rankin County B. we are from Byram and they technically consider that "South Jackson" and C. we are BFF and that requires a lot of time being spent together.

So, Jenny P and I were perusing around Chane in Fondren the other day and I spotted it.. The light shone down from the sky.. and there it was.. BFF's birthday present.. The most perfect gift EVER.. so perfect.. I got myself one. See below!

I couldn't resist it when this lady stood up and had a serious wedgie.. Those aren't shorts.. it's a skirt with a serious problem.. called "you should wear panties so you don't have people take pictures of your awful wedgie"

Well, to top of the night, BFF, being the most graceful individual ever, slung one of her gifts out of the car and onto the ground. She broke the candle holder. So, we went to great measures to save this thing. I am talking hardcore here. We hammered the rest of her candle, put on some rubber gloves and removed all the glass, dug my old candle holder out of the garbage can(it was at the bottom in nastiness), heated it up in a pot to get all the old wax out, cleaned it out, and then cut her candle to fit it "nicely" in the "new" candle holder. Well, it pretty much looks like guacamole in a bowl now.. but this picture is when we got out the ole cutting board and went to town to get the candle in the jar.. Geez louise... remind me not to do that again.

*make note: BFF has already sported her SOUTH JACKSON shirt. Thanks for making me proud and representin'!!!!

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Taylor and Kellie said...

Loving the shirt...that is hilarious!