Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome Home Polar Bear

Hello Polar Bear!

So the Windhams got a new dog "to keep the varmants away." I admit he is a sweet, sweet dog. He was almost dead when someone brought him to Tom and Glo's vet. They nursed him back to health, neutered him and now he has a home right here! T-cat named him Polar Bear because he is obviously white like a polar bear! Josh and I dog sat last night while Tom and Glo went to eat. So far, so good for the dog. He didn't destroy anything. He did chew up part of Glo's coaster and some papers while she was asleep.

And he's out!

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Valerie Davis said...

what a cute dog!! mom said she saw you at the fair and ya'll talked about blogging!! so now i know you stalk me!!! dont worry i'm adding you to my list!! arent you just obsessed with your blog? i am!!