Friday, April 30, 2010

Matt, Ashley and Sawyer Dykman

Right now, I need all the prayers I can get from you guys.  Little Sawyer is making his world debut today... but he has been having lots of problems on his journey to the world and I need you guys to pray HARD for him and his mom and dad, Ashley and Matt. If you would, take a second right now and lift them up.

I took this from Ashley's blog. It gives a little information on lil Sawyer...
          "Baby Sawyer has a bladder outlet obstruction. At 17 weeks a sonogram found his enlarged bladder. The obstruction would not let urine out. The urine had backed up into the kidneys and damaged one. I had 3 bladder taps and fetal surgery done to put a shunt in his bladder. Both of his kidneys have now failed due to damage from the backup of urine. His lungs will probably be underdeveloped as well due to lack of amniotic fluid during pregnancy."

You can read more about little Sawyer on Ashley's blog.