Monday, April 12, 2010


Ok, it's 1 a.m. and I should be A. studying B.sleeping or C. working on my portfolio that's due tomorrow. Instead, I found something slightly more entertaining. I was tagged to tell you 7 random things about myself. I absolutely love this because I am the most random individual you will ever meet. Here goes.

1. I should work for PETA. I hate fishing cause I think it hurts them, I save turtles from the road any chance I get, I hate killing butterflies when I am driving down the road and they smash into my windshield, I would love to nourish anything back to health as long as I don't have to keep it. I don't want an animal of my own...

2. I can't decide what I want to be when I grow up. So far I have accomplished degrees for television, spanish and I'm working on dental hygiene. Next up might be...nursing. I am taking classes this summer for nursing pre-reqs. My husband says I have two years to decide what I wanna be. In 2 years.. I will be 30.. so I guess he has a point!

3. I would seriously save every penny my husband made if he would let me. I would see what is the least amount we could live off of.. but there is no way he would let me try it. I would have basic cable, never go anywhere, use toilet paper sparingly, never use paper towels, sit in the dark, etc. I am talking.. hippie hardcore.

4. I have a problem with cuss words. They just come out. My husband hates it. It's an awful habit and I want to stop.. but how can I.. when I don't even know they are coming out of my mouth. It's awful.

5. My husband is the TOTAL OPPOSITE from me. I am a crazy, do anything, say whatever, loud mouth wierdo. My husband is a quiet, respectful and conservative sweet man who would do anything for anyone. Opposites do attract, but I am pretty sure he wants to punch me in the face on a regular basis because of my erratic behavior.

6. I want so badly to own a house and decorate it. I swear I have watched enough HGTV over the past few years to pretty much build my own house from scratch, decorate it and landscape it.  Mark my words... ONE DAY I will get to do this. I even went so far as to knock on the door of this house I wanted and asked her if I could look around...It was perfect, minus the tiny backyard and a few other changeable things.. too bad they wanted more than we could afford.

7.  I have an awful obsession with chocolate milk. I prefer vitamin D milk with Hershey's chocolate syrup. I pour the milk into a Newk's glass (cause it's so big) and then pour the syrup in. I have to count to almost 15 seconds (it's really faster than 15 seconds) and then stir it up!! It's AMAZING.. I have stopped because it became an everyday occurrence and my pants didn't like it.


The Miller's Blog said...

Girl, you have just totally made me laugh out loud! You are quite hilarious!!!!!!! ;-)

Valerie Davis said...

LOVE. It. You're so funny!!


I did NOT realize you had a blog. It is hysterical!!! Love it!! XO KJ