Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting crafty with it

ok, so boy have I been crafty. Bad thing, I totally didn't do a very good job of keeping up with my crafty projects via camera.. so the pics go in spurts.... Random I know.
OK, so it started out with some really FAB knobs I found at "Hob Lob" (totally stole that word from Thrifty Decor Chick) I then got a little excited about the knobs and started buying other non necessary items. I hate it when that happens.
So, one of the items I bought (or shall I say two items I bought) are the little wooden 2 for a buck things. I sanded them nicely and then decided on some paint colors and gave em a nice color (the one above is gray)
Then, I cut out some cute scrapbook paper (another one of those unnecessary items purchased at the store) I modpodged the paper to the piece of wood. Then, I sanded the edges of the sandpaper so it would look "rough." You should also wait til th emodpodge dries, unless you are like me...so ridiculously impatient that you want to get it finished RIGHT NOW.
TA DA!!  Screw the knobs in and cut the backs of the screws off with a miter saw! They are awesome. I love em!!! I attached a picture hanger thing from the back of it. I have necklaces hanging from one and my apron hanging from another ( I don't cook, but it looks really cute in my kitchen)

I moved on to another project after that. I admit, this project was late at night and I was bound and DETERMINED to make this thing come hell or high water. I straight up rigged this thing together.. just because I wanted to see it soo bad. so here is the finished product...
It's a magnet board. I had some leftover 2x4's and I screwed some leftover screws into the magnet board (make note: leftover sounds like a great term to use, but the screws were too long, so they poke out the back of the 2x4.. way to have patience haley) Anyway, then i made the magnets... and that thing is hanging in my kitchen. It looks great too!!

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Kati said...

Gosh, you did GREAT girl! Miss you :>