Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My damn friends are either getting married or having babies. They won't spare me a freaking year to get things in order..I am hosting a million showers. Don't get me wrong, I love them all!! I just want to be all crafty, but I can't be when I am going to school. I have all these fun and great ideas and nothing. Just today, I had this great idea of how cute I was going to wrap a friend of mines gift.... yeah, not so much. She got the gift on her front door step with the receipt tucked in the side of the box. That's apparently how I do things.

She did get the unwrapped gift, but I made up for it when I made the door hanger for the hospital when her little bundle arrives. I must admit, it's hella cute (with a little help from BFF) Of course, I don't have a final picture because I forget to do that kinda stuff.. but just imagine how cute it is.. (maybe I can get her to send me a pic)
imagine the letters at the bottom are a cute green color that was distressed and a little pink kinda came through. There were little balls at the top R and L of the board that were green too. it hangs by the ribbon. It's so cute.. I wish I had taken a pic of the finished product. I am working on BFF's too! I'll for sure have a picture of it!