Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Me.... MAYBE!

Yeah, I know. No one keeps their New Year's Resolutions including me.. but I am at least going to attempt to be a better person!! So, here goes my ultimate list.... if I at least accomplish one.. I'll be proud.

1. figure out why i sleep all the time. no, im not depressed. I seriously think I have some sleep disorder or I'm deficient in something.

2.. to watch my foul language. it's out of control

3. to run a 5k... i've actually started this by scheduling a physical to see if i still have exercise induced asthma. if i do, then looks like i'll be marking this one off my list.

4. to get my house SUPER organized. Most of you know I am an "ANAL ALLIE" so I am already pretty organized.. but there are some things around my house that are really urking at my soul.

5. to become a better wife. I'm not the best.. I definitely have down falls, but I know I could strive to be better in this department.

6. GO TO CHURCH MORE OFTEN. My heavens, I pray and talk to God (not so good at reading the bible), but I haven't gotten my lazy butt up to go to church in I don't know how long. This is not acceptable. I know going to church won't get me in the pearly gates, but it will make me a stronger Christian and should help me with that foul mouth of mine

7. Finally, the usual of lose 30 lbs! (yeah right, like that's even gonna happen)

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