Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching Up

I'm not even gonna say anything about my lack of blogging.. here are the pics to catch you up to NOW

Here we go.. in NO particular order..

Father's Day! My dad is the BEST!

Little "last supper" for BFF and Baby Daddy (she is married) before the big day

Me and BFF at "The Last Supper"

Annual Windham "Coasting to the Coast" trip!

Grandmother, Aunts, and Mom at Girl Breakfast!

 Cousins at Girl Breakfast!

Doing a little USM tailgating

Before BFF had AP!

After BFF had AP.

Of course, the first time I held her.. I lost control of myself and my tears.

Look at her growing up! She's so precious!

Josh is thrilled to participate!

I was murdering my pumpykin!

Fabulous pumpkin carving by the Windhams!

Halloween Kids!

It's mustache Movember.. Men, get your prostates checked.

Cutest kid FOR REALZ!

Ryker turned 1!! He was thinking, "Oh sweet Mother of Mary.. I'm gonna love this!"

That's right. He stuck his face in it and then laughed!

I think I'm gonna be sick

To the movies..BFF had to bring her pee cooler.

Girls night before Saranne exploded baby everywhere

Eraj in town for her BURFDAY!!


Saranne said...

are there seriously no other pictures of us from the hospital? Those are terrible!

Anna said...

Haley, you crack me up with all of your little captions! Thank you for that!

Saranne - those are great pictures! You should see my pictures from when I gave birth. They are terrifying....