Thursday, May 8, 2008

How's it gonna be...

One of my favorite songs ever sung by Third Eye Blind... but reallly thought provoking.
I guess you could say I'm in an emotional stage this week... all worked up over the small things and wondering "How's It Gonna Be?" I know I should just sit back and take it all as it comes, but really, that's a lot harder said than done.

I'm anal. I worry. I plan for the "way too far ahead to even plan" future. I save for retirement. I pay my bills on time every month. I use coupons. I love Dave Ramsey. I even worry about my kids life and I am not even thinking about kids. (that's the sad part)

So, I'm thinking to myself.. "Haley, you should really relax." I guess that's what my prozac is for. I wonder what my life would be like without it? Geez, that's probbaly a blog all in itself.

Oh and this is for Kati..I brought my gym stuff to work today. I am gonna work out. I am not gonna stay for like 3 hours and make myself all sore, but I am gonna work out. Be Proud!!!

So I raise a toast to prozac, relaxing and cheap riunite!

1 comment:

Kati said...

Greatness! I AM very proud!! It is easy to worry about the future too...I feel ya.