Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hinds Community College

I am probably one of the coolest college kids I know! I am at school at this very moment, waiting to speak with a counselor about my final semester here at the good ole Hiney Ho. Who could possibly be as cool as me.. using the school computer while you wait? I don't think anyone. So nothing really exciting has happened with us lately. We did receive an offer on our house in Texas and are hoping it goes through soon. We countered, but we haven't heard back.. so keep your fingers crossed. I will die if it sells. I will cry for days. It's such a cute house and I love love love it. We are going to stay this weekend at our house and visit our friends and get my cat. Yes, I am terrible mother who left her cat in Texas. She's doing fine though. We thought she found a new home. We went to Vegas for a week and came back and she was nowhere to be found... she showed up 2 days later with a collar on. Josh convinced me she had a home.. so we left her there. I cried pretty much the whole drive back to MS. Anyway, so our neighbors keep us updated on the house and they told us.. the cat is still there. She sits on the patio furniture waiting on us to come back I guess. How horrible am I?? So, if she is around when we go this weekend, looks like I am bringing back Mammacita!! I am excited about bringing her back, but she will have to live with my parents, b/c she can't live with the Windhams. She would be eaten alive within minutes. So... we leave tonight.. I will have pics when I return. There is no internet at our house in Texas.. not even cable. How will we entertain ourselves??? oh dear.. I guess we are in for a long weekend.

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Kati said...

That's so crazy about your cat! SHE LOVES YOU!! Was it weird being back at your house? Wish I could have seen you... :( Colleen told me about the hug. . . ha