Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shakra, Namaste, blah, blah....

Ok, so I started taking Yoga. Not just any yoga, but the kind of yoga where you sit in a room that is 98.6 degrees with 60% humidity. You sweat like you can't even imagine. I am talking, sweat running off of my legs, arms, face. I bend over and it literally drops to the floor. That is hardcore sweating my friend.

Anyway, so they talk this crazy nonsense about your root shakra and namaste and dabandeste.. and some other lingo I know nothing about and prefer to keep it that way. I just enjoy the fact that I am stretching my body and it feels absolutely incredible. It's like you just get 1 1/2 hours to yourself... no music, no talking, no nothing... just you and your body and your sweat running like a faucet.

So, after yoga, I HAD to go to the grocery store. I am talking absolutely not a drop of food at our house. As much as I didn't want to go b/c my shirt was soaking wet, black eye make up was running down my face, and I think I even had butt sweat.. I went and people stared and I just smiled awkwardly as I picked out my healthy food!!! Yeah, I am trying to "become" healthy. It's hard work and expensive, but I know it's gonna pay off. I am resisting the syrupy sweet tea in the kitchen right now. I did enjoy strawberries w/o sugar, grapes and an apple this morning. Will be moving on to a wheat bread turkey sandwich for lunch... then we shall see how things go from there.. It might get crazy.


Kati said...

Haley!! What a great post! :> You know I am pro-healthy eating so I'm pumped up for you! Yeah, how many companies can say their employees go sweat to death after they leave work??

Saranne R. Smith said...

I thought that might lead up to a good hilarious story about maybe how your pants had a hole in the rear or a boogie on your face or something but it didn't. I was kind of let down. Thanks for nothing. Happy healthy eating!

Much love!