Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The taste of fine wine

I am no wine conoisseur or even close to it. Josh on the other hand has me beat by a mile. He can tell you all you need to know about wine...legs, taste, swirling, smelling, etc. Well, to get onto my point...we have a bakers rack that has a wine rack on the bottom. It's an acquired piece of furniture that Josh brought to our marriage from his apartment. So far, it has treated us well.

For the last or shall I say almost 2 years we have been married, I don't think we have ever put a bottle of wine on the thing. So, I made the executive decision to start a wine collection. Sometimes when I go to the grocery store and I feel like perusing through the aisles I may grab a bottle, never two. We have now accumulated a total of 4 bottles. This is record breaking, otherwise I would not be blogging about this huge accomplishment.

I pick bottles on color, label and shape never year, name or price.

Even though our wine rack is filling slowly, I still prefer Riunite if you must know the truth. It is a lovely red wine that I like extremely cold.Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to drink red wine cold. However, it is approximately $8.49 at the local Phillips gas station in Royse City for a huge bottle. What a steal? It has an awesome screw cap. No need to bring your handy bottle opener. A strong pair of hands will do the trick. There is even a nice spew noise when you open the bottle.

Things don't get any better than a nice glass of cold red screw cap Riunite wine and my newfound love for the need to complete my wine rack task.

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helen said...

My husband and I enjoy fine wines but unfortunately we both work long hours so i tend to get mine from online shops
because its very convenient.Not tried red wine cold might be worth a try.