Monday, September 29, 2008

Up All Night..

Does anyone remember that saying off of USA network, besides me? I was up all night last night studying for my micro test this morning. I didn't go to bed. I tell you what, being 25 and staying up all night is just not the same as being 19 and staying up all night. I was so worn out today I could hardly see straight, literally. I made a B on the test, which is OK. I was hoping for an A, but what can I say. With Micro, I will take what I can get.. I hate that class.
I am off again, to finish Chem homework and start studying for A and P. I am a nerd.


Kati said...

Ah, I'm sorry :( I was never one of those people who could stay up all night, or come to think of it, past 10:30 :) Get some rest!!

Kati said...

that was freakin fast!! i just finished writing that! :> um...of course not while i was at work. of course.